Forest School Week 9


On Tuesday our group of children were continuing to explore the forest floor. We explored different leaves and used an identification sheet to see what kind of trees we had on site. The children also used some clay to carry out some transient art.

One Child had asked to make perfume, she found some items from the forest and mixed these with water to make a woodland smelling perfume.

Some of the children also felt confident enough to make their own tree cookies. The children listened very carefully and worked with adult support to cut through the wood with a folding saw.


Wednesday was another cold day. Our children and staff decided together that it would be safe to keep our session short. This week we returned to the river, we took different resources from the nursery to test if they would float or sink. We watched as the current moved our items around the water. It was very exciting.

We tried plastic.

We also tried metal.

Lastly we tried paper.

Then we tried to rescue our metal boat as it floated down the river.


Thursday’s group were excited to get back to the Forest as they missed it last week. We decided as a team it was better for the environment to use more natural resources in the river, as if they did float away it would not cause pollution. The children then collected resources from around us. One child created his own raft during his time at the Family Centre and brought it with him to test in the water. It was a very exciting time.

Our children also enjoyed climbing trees and using ropes again. It was lovely to see how confident the children have become.

This was our ninth week at Forest school, this means that next week will be our last for Tuesday and Wednesdays groups. Next Thursdays Forest school will be postponed due to the Christmas concerts.  We will go to the forest on the 20th December instead.

It has been lovely to watch the children develop new skills and build their confidence and self esteem.  Please find some of their developments placed within their learning journeys.

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