Forest School Week 2

This week at Forest School, the children spent time on a rope swing we made together, and also spent more time climbing and balancing.

There was lots of problem solving skills as we worked out how to create our rope swing and where it was best positioned.

It is inspiring to watch the children challenge themselves in the woodland. Often,  for some children, climbing a tree can present a challenge. As adults we never lift the children up or down from a tree. If a child tries many different ways to climb up and then works out how to climb down by themselves , then they will have risk assessed the situation by themselves, on the way up and down and will know what they need to do to be safe.

Nathan described to his friend how he got up : “you put one foot up, then bring the other foot up then pull yourself up”

Jade spent some time balancing along a long log, she slipped off many times, but achieved her goal in the end with determination and motivation. She also climbed a tree, look at the sense of achievement in her picture.