Farm Life

Today some children went on a trip to “The Museum of Rural Life”

Emily and Damon were so excited to tell about all the different things they had seen.

Emily said, “There was a tractor and I was on it, it was big; there were pigs and the wee ones are piglets”

Damon said, “There were chickens too”

Damon also found a treasure chest among the old toys; he told Archie it was a pirate’s treasure chest.

The children had an opportunity to visit the old farm house, meet some of the animals and played a game where they discovered where some farm creatures lived.

They all played for a time in the adventure play area and crossed the wooden bridge.


Trip to Caulders Glen

The children went on a very important trip this afternoon to the garden centre. We have been making plans for our garden area and we know that now is the time to start planting some flowers, fruits and vegetables.  We have a planning wall through the swing doors on the right as you come into the family centre. We have been consulting with the children, staff and parents as to what everyone would like to see happen in our lovely outdoor space. Please feel free to have a look and add your thoughts and suggestions.

We have a very kind offer from one of our Dads who has offered to come and help us with the landscaping of our garden. We are excited about this. If anyone else would like to get involved in our garden project please let us know. If you have a flourishing garden at home you may be able to spare a few little cuttings for us.

Forest School

As is always the case in Scotland, we saw all the seasons in one day at Forest School. It was sunny and warm in the morning, then we were catching hailstones on our tongues in the afternoon!

I think you will see from these pictures that the children had lots of fun exploring the forest, climbing, bug hunting, and working together as a team.

Tune in next week for more Forest School fun.


Trying to make “fire”

Look a bug!

Catching hailstones…

Look at me!

Come on Lucy

An A for Amelia



Making music


Lots of hard work to climb this tree

Tiny bug

Ready for the off!

Express yourself!

As you can see, Expressive Arts can take different forms, from singing, moving to music, to creating tangible artwork. There are no limits to creativity, and this is why it is important to give our children the opportunity to access many different resources which they can use to express their thoughts and ideas. Each child will have a unique and individual approach to expressing themselves in different ways. Children will learn from each other as they work side by side sharing their experiences.

Musical Inspirations

Today the children had the opportunity to explore their fine motor skills and to practice their writing too. They used the instruments to make a variety of soundsand then copied the names of the musical instruments.  It was quite tricky.

Others decided to explore the sounds made by the interesting collection of musical instruments we have.   They went on to sing their favourite songs playing the tune on the instruments.

Grace decided that she wanted to make some ribbons and dance along to her favourite musical sounds.

Obstacle Course

Louise and Zoe have set up an obstacle course in the outdoors to work on developing further our children’s physical competencies and in particular their gross motor skills.

They were balancing, jumping off from different heights, going under and going over.

The children were engaged in this experience for an extended period of time showing how much they were enjoying this energetic play.