Baby & Toddler Bookbug and Daffodil Posies

We love Baby and Toddler Bookbug! Almost as much as the babies and toddlers who come along. It is lovely to be able to use all the space within our nursery to benefit our children and families.

I had a busy morning  making little posies with the children. Holly counted them, Abby wrapped them and Florence cut the ribbon.

We cut open a flower to see what it looked like inside. Abby said “thats nature”.

Emily and Siri made some too. The children can take these home to give to a special person who they love. We talked about who that could be – Mum, Dad, Daddy, Auntie Mo, Uncle Charlie, Gran, Papa , Nana, the list was very long. If you are the lucky person I am sure you will like your wee posy.

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone