Malawi Partnership

Today we were lucky to have a visit from some pupils from Williamwood High School, Chloe, Mariha, Morgan and Karis.

The young adults shared their experience of spending time as volunteers working in Malawi with our parents, staff and children.

Whilst there they helped to refurbish some old buildings. They painted the rooms and added some art work to brighten up the class rooms. The nursery children commented on how they liked the flowers on the walls, and the large number of children in the photographs.

The young adults also talked about the fundraising events that they will be involved in to support future visits. They invited us to put up some posters and to take some leaflets. We will display these at the family centre entrance.

The children discussed fundraising with Louise. We will have discussions about how we as a family centre can support the next group travelling to Malawi in 2018.