Kelvingrove Museum & Park

I took a group of children on an adventure this week all the way to Kelvingrove.  We set out from Busby train station.

Then we went on the Subway to Kelvinhall.

We arrived at Kelvingrove Museum.

We used an app and went on a treasure trail around the museum answering questions and finding artefacts in the museum – we won!  Here are some of the artefacts we had to find:

Briar Rose – Sleeping Beauty

The Scotsman

A knight on horseback


The children liked the interactive story about the artist Raoul Dufy.  The story explained how he painted the scene as he sat at the seaside on a sunny but chilly day in the 1920s.  The painting is called “The Jetties of Trouville-Deauville, 1929”.

Amelia and Lily view the Floating Heads Installation by Sophie Cave.

Hugh and Amelia imagine the Spitfire flying in the sky.  We also saw some animals.

Listened to the organ being played.

Met Clyde.

And we found a shoe for “The Smartest Giant in Town” and made funny faces.

Then it was time for some fresh air and exercise in Kelvingrove Park.

Great fun was had by all and we were very tired by the time we got back to Cart Mill.  I can’t wait to go on another adventure.  I wonder where we will go!