Pancake Day

Today the children celebrated Pancake Tuesday by making pancakes for snack. Before making the pancakes the children looked at the recipe and the ingredients and thought about the utensils they would need to make them.

Christopher said “We need a bowl and the scales. We use them to measure.”

The children each had a turn of mixing the ingredients.

They followed simple instructions and worked together as part of a small group.

They learned about being safe when using the frying pan and being in the kitchen.

The children all enjoyed pancakes for snack!

Holly said “They are yummy.  Can we have them every day?”




Stay and Play

This week is Stay and Play week, feel free to come along and join in play experiences with your child and keyworker. Siobhan’s group of parents and children enjoyed exploring the arts and crafts area .  They were making pictures using paint, funnels, sponges, corks and sieves. They also had lots of fun exploring all the areas within our new centre!





Here are the key workers for rest of the week:

Tuesday – Anita & Katie

Wednesday – Louise

Thursday – Jillian

Friday – Zoe


Mini Kickers

The children experienced their first mini kickers session in Cart Mill today with Alistair.

dsci0165They used their imagination when using the ball to pretend to be different functions of a car.  They rolled the ball back and forward which demonstrated the window wipers and the red cones were the roundabouts.


The children were developing their coordination and had to follow  instructions throughout the session.



They practiced their balancing skills by putting one foot on the ball.



They were running and jumping developing their gross motor skills.






Baby Bookbug Fun

It’s baby bookbug day! And it looks like it was a huge success. We are delighted to see that more of our families are accessing our centre and making use of the family room to benefit the younger siblings of our children.


Our family room is a perfect space for this as its cosy and quiet and has lovely light coming in from our big window.


Special thank you to our lovely Zoe who always finds time to plan for and carry out her Bookbug sessions. She likes to sneak a wee cuddle too!


Thank you to everyone who came along.


Storm Doris brought Snow!





The children were very excited when Storm Doris brought some snow for them to play with today. What better way to learn about weather and the changing of the seasons than to be outdoors and see, hear and feel it.

I thought the following article spoke well about the value of play and so have included a link to it  in this post. Please have  a look and share your thoughts via the comments box.

“Play isn’t the opposite of work—it’s vital for social transformation.”









Outdoor Developments

We have been very busy developing our outdoor area, we now have a Role Play Shed outdoors..dsci25611

We are contnuing to develop our numeracy area too and there are many opportunities to measure height using non standard units , e.g sticks!


Lucas spent a lot of time outdoors this afternoon sorting and matching and writing numbers.


Lily too.


This is our small world Dinosaur area AAAAAARRRRGH!


More imaginative play and opportunities for discovery. Lewis seems deep in thought.



We are excited to see how the area is developing and what it can offer in terms of rich learning experiences for the children. And guess what? No one complains about the weather, they’re all too busy!

Our Official Opening

This morning we were delighted to host elected members and members of East Renfrewshire Council’s Directorate here at our centre to celebrate our official opening.

Provost Alastair Carmichael seemed particularly impressed with our centre , calling it a “first class facility”, and made a vote of thanks to all staff involved in the designing and building of Cart Mill Family Centre.

Councillor Elaine Green handed over our commemorative plaque, as she spoke of the “real happy and friendly buzz, that was started in its temporary facilities and continues into their new home”.







Councillor Green mentioned that outdoor play is a particular strength at Cart Mill. This led very nicely into the children performing their Forest School song “We love the Forest”, and telling some of their forest tales.



The children’s performance stole the show (as always), and special thanks go  to Abby and Holly Constable for performing their ceremonial duty so beautifully.

Building Dens

Today some of the children were making dens in the outdoor area, they worked together cooperatively in a small group using the tarpaulin and string. The children were developing their fine motor and hand and eye coordination skills when using the string as they were having to weave it into small holes and then back out again. The children helped each other to do this and were confident when problem solving and sharing there thoughts and ideas of how the den should look, Here is how they got on …


Hallie helped James to put the string through the hole.



Michael held the tarpaulin for Padraig while James got the string.





The children had fun playing and hiding in the den after all there hard work.