HT Site Visit No.2

I was lucky to get a second chance to visit our new centre this afternoon and so much has changed since my last visit only two weeks ago.  I needed to do some last minute measuring before I place the orders for new furniture.  We are hopeful that we will be in the new centre by the end of October and I am making the plans for the move as I write this blog piece.  The details of the move will be with you soon.  Here are a few of the photos I took today!


The glass entrance doors and the window for the welcome area to the left – a lovely bright space.


The secure doors from the entrance area into the corridor and then the doors to the playrooms.


The sinks are all in offering adult and child height washing facilities in all playrooms.


The walls, ceilings and skirting are almost complete – the simple white walls with the grey windows is very effective.


I love this kitchen.  It has so much space in the centre that we will be able to move a table into the centre when we want to bake with the children.  There are still appliances to be fitted but this kitchen is looking great so far.  The kitchen is in the family room and will be used by children, parents and staff.


The outdoor area at the rear of the building with a very handy canopy.  The area will have a tarmac path around the edge of the building, grass and a safety play surface.


The canopy coming out from the side of the building at the toddler room.


The exterior wood cladding is complete and work has commenced on levelling the ground.  Our new centre is almost complete on the inside and just needs a few more weeks of work on the exterior – everyone at Cart Mill is on a high as we look forward to moving into this amazing new centre in the not too distant future.

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