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STEM Leaders 2017-2018

A welcome note from our STEM Ambassadors of 2017.


Hi my name is Ahsen. I wanted to be in the STEM team because I wanted to be able to help people make things. I like engineering and building things and making science experiments.

Hi I’m Erin and I wanted to join the STEM team this year to have the opportunity to work with other staff. I’d like to help teachers in their class Science lessons.

Hi my name is Jack and I wanted to be in the stem committee because I love science and some people thought I would make a great stem leader. This year I thought of 2 ideas already.


Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a STEM Ambassador. I wanted to become part of the STEM committee because I would like to get children interested in science and host exciting activities with younger pupils to get them interested in STEM at an early age. If you have a suggestion and would like to tell me about it then I am in primary 7b.

Hi my name is Max and I wanted to be a STEM leader because I’ve always loved Science and I want to make the lessons more interactive and fun for the kids here at Busby Primary


Hi my name is Noor and I wanted to be in the STEM committee because I wanted to make Science more fun in Busby and find more opportunity for the kids in Busby.


Hi my name is Taymoor and I wanted be a STEM leader because I like Science and I want to start experiment clubs.


Hi I’m Vincent, technology is my favourite subject in school. I would like to help make more technology in Busby.

Science Club

On Monday we had our first Science club lesson with Primary 3 children. 18 scientist came along to investigate and explore some outrageous ooze with the help of our 5 STEM Ambassadors.

Lucas- We made slime, but it was weird slime because when we mixed it slowly it was a liquid but then if we like punched it then it went hard like a solid.

Megan- We had to measure the water to make sure it worked. Too much water meant it was too slimey, but not enough water meant it was too thick and didn’t go into a liquid.

Caleb- When I squeezed it in my hand I made a ball but when I just lay my hands out flat the ball melted into a liquid and poured out of my hand.

Asteroid set to fly by Earth today

An asteroid called 2014 JO25 is due to fly past the Earth today.

Don’t worry – Nasa has said there is no danger that the rock will hit our planet! In fact, it will pass us at a distance of 1.1 million miles away.

It is the first time that the asteroid has flown near to Earth like this for 400 years – and it doesn’t plan on coming back for another 500 years – so scientists are looking forward to studying it as it sails past.

Image result for asteroid 2014 jo25

Image result for asteroid 2014 jo25

Topical Science – New Planets Brought To You By The STEM Team

7 New Earth sized planets have been discovered orbiting a star in the Trappist 1 System. Only 3 of the planets have been marked with a “Habitable Sticker”. But Scientists think all 7 could hold life depending on their individual properties. We all have different opinions on the chances that these planets hold life. So here’s what we think.

Matthew L – I do not think there will be life on these planets, but it is possible.

Mark T –  I think there will be life because one of the planets are about the same distance from the sun and they have similar appearences to Earth.

Sam S – I think that none of them will hold life. Earth is too unique.

This is a video you can watch about the new planets:

Image result for new planets

Busby’s Scientists of The Month

This is a new award that the STEM Council are giving out, it is a Scientist of the Month award. Each month 1 person from each class will get nominated for exellence in Science.


P1 – Witold


”In our planet topic I wrote a book about all of the planets in our Solar System”

P2/3 – Tom


”We have been learning about the Sun, Moon and Earth. I know that it takes 24hrs for the Earth to rotate 360degrees”

Well done to everyone!!!