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Active Numeracy

Today the Diamonds were estimating and measuring differently lengths in the playground.

Daniel- We had to estimate the length first, then we used a trundle wheel or a metre stick to measure. It was fun when we measured the whole school.

Sabaa- My estimate of the whole school was 500m but it was only 363m. My guess was not close.

Mental Maths

This morning, for mental maths, we looked at strategies to help us remember long numbers.  We were managing 6 and 8 digit numbers which came up individually on the whiteboard.  Some people found it best to sing the numbers, some repeat them in their head and some even visualise the numbers on a phone.  Good work everyone!

Play Zone Training

On Monday, Chris from active schools trained all of the P.6s in Play Zone training.  It was training us how to teach games in the playground to the younger children.

“It was really fun because we got to learn how to play games and how children feel if they are left out.” By Bismah