P6 Election Season

P6 have been learning about how the Scottish and UK parliaments work and the ways they impact the country we live in.

We’ve organised ourselves in to 4 parties and those parties will now work to establish their policies, relating to Scotland, East Renfrewshire and Busby Primary – and linking to our Rights of the Child.

The winning party, elected through a Scottish Parliament Proportional Representation vote, will be invited to discuss its Busby Primary policy with Mrs Friel.

National Digital Learning Week 2018 #NDLW18

Skyping All Over the World

On Tuesday we shared a Skype call with the Digital Leaders at a school in Perth. They told us about the learning they do at their school and how they use the iPads to enhance learning. They even knew some Fortnite dance moves (imagine that?!)

We were able to explain how we use VR, AR, iPads, laptops, Chromebooks and programmable toys to explore digital literacy.

We then followed this up with a Skype call to Justin Miles who is an explorer, author and advocate for ‘Education for All’. He told us all about he became an explorer, what he does on his adventures and why he thinks education is so important for everyone. He may even have inspired¬† a few p6s to become explorers!

National Digital Learning Week 2018 #NDLW18

Tech Toys and Tinkering

All this week pupils in primary 6 have been applying their digital skills and knowledge to explain the impact of rights and the Rights Respecting Schools Award at Busby Primary.

Our class Article was #12: the right to be listened to and taken seriously.

P6 have undertaken this by designing a series of lessons for the Early Years pupils involving a range of technology. With the message: “I know it, I can show it” the pupils have delivered lessons to introduce the pupils in Nursery to Sphero (a codable, remote control pingpong ball), Codarpillar (similar to a bee-bot) and some ‘mobile phone’ walkie-talkies.

They had to plan, deliver and assess a range of activities but mostly involving directional language, which is so important to children as they learn about coding for digital literacy. The pupils have certainly had their say and been listened to; in fact, more and more often we can see that the pupils are very much the experts of digital literacy.


Tinkering and Planning


Explaining and Sharing


Eastwood Park Consultation

A six-week public consultation into the future of leisure provision in the Eastwood area has now started and I would encourage you to take part in this important consultation.  Four options are set out within the online consultation to allow you to rank the options in order of preference.  I am sure the pupils would enjoy having a say in this!

Click the link below to access the consultation:


Learning about the UK Parliament

Today we had a very special visit from Angela McGarrigle who visits schools to teach pupils about the UK Parliament and how it works.

At the start some of us knew ‘some things’ but not lots.

We got to vote on lots of questions as voting is very important in UK politics.

We learned about how a Bill is introduced to parliament before becoming a law.

Here’s MP Milo passing the Commons’ bill to Baroness Darcie of the House of Lords.

After the Lords and Commons have agreed on the bill it is signed by the monarch (king or queen) and becomes a law. here is King Caleb passing his first law!

We got split into groups and had to form our own political party with policies.

After deciding our policies for school and UK-wide improvements we had to present these to the class.

Here is a summary of our election promises/manifestos.

We returned to our constituencies and voted for our favourite party.

The blue party won 4 of 6 seats (even though they got less than half the total votes!)

Here are some great links to learn more about the UK Parliament.

At the end, we were all much more confident about our knowledge and understanding of the UK Parliament and how it works? Great stuff!

Making Maths Marks

Some of the P6 pupils have been learning to calculate area, using the formula: area = length x breadth, and also to add up all the edges to calculate perimeter.

Here they are working in teams to measure the area with metre sticks and marking the length and breadth on the floor:

Some posing pics:

Measuring is hard work:

March Achievers

Well done to Evan on wining his rugby tournament!


Well done to Brooke on her 2nd place finish in the ‘Cheer’ category at Blackpool Ballroom.


Well done to Ellie, Isobel, Lara and Tess for earning their gradings at Highland ‘National’ dance.


Well done to Ross for landing a major part in Pace’s production of Guys and Dolls.


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