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Today we were learning about Scots language and reading poems. We went into groups and looked at 6 poems. A dug a dug was some people’s favorite because it was funny and the Dad gave in to giving the child a dog.

We were also learning how to pronounce Scots words and where to use apostrophes. Each group had to write questions, characters, setting and plot.


Celebrating Scots

Ahead of celebrating Burns Night this month, we have been immersing ourselves in Scottish culture and the Scots language.

We started off by looking at and recreating Steven Brown’s ‘McCoo’ with oil pastels on paper.


Next we read the Gruffalo in Scots. We had to work out some new words but our knowledge of the story helped us.

For our spelling words this week, we got to use the iPads and Chromebooks to search for Scots words online. We practised these using active strategies.


P6 Presents

What a smashing group of young people! This year P6 chose to forego the traditional teacher gifts and instead club together to buy some charitable gifts from Oxfam Unwrapped. These gifts will make a massive difference to so many lives and I’m very proud to be working with such a kind, caring group of young people.

I hope you all have a great Xmas and enjoy the holidays.


Mr Milliken

our learning this week

This week we have been practising our assembly and learning some songs for it

these are some pictures that we took well doing an all about me jigsaw sheet with our student teacher miss Morgan because then we could get to know her a bit more we found out what miss morgans favourite things, such as holidays and movies

we then filled in a jigsaw sheet and put some information about us in it.

We really enjoyed it so much.

We also did some talent show practice and for the people that weren’t doing the talent show they drew some pop art

Tron trip

This morning P6 visited the Odeon at Braehead to see Tron as part of the IntoFilm Scottish Film Festival. We chose Tron as its computer graphics (CGI) were state of the art and paved the way for other films with CGI.

Andy the manager showed us some of the old film that films were recorded on.

Then he showed us the new hard disks that films are shown on nowadays – this one has Justice League on it!

This is where all the popcorn is stored – this amount will probably get eaten during Star Wars.

Here’s where they used to cut and edit film.


And here is where the films were loaded to the projectors..


Here’s a modern projector…


And the state-of-the-art IMAX projectors.


Fitness and Stamina

Today we were learning about fitness and stamina with Mrs McLean. She was teaching us about the importance of stamina in all sports and how to do this. We did a really cool workout which was personalised to our names.


We are learning all about the history of cinema and film in P6. We are looking at the creation of film and the very first moving images ever recorded. So far we have looked at Journey to the Moon – it was one of the first films to be very creative and explored how film could be used to tell a story.

Today we were making thaumatropes in class. Thaumatropes were used in the late 1800s to create a moving image – people were amazed at this at that time!

We drew two circles, each with an image on them. The two images should be something similar, or related, such as a fish and water.


We cut out the two circles and put a length of string in between them, before gluing them together, with the string inside.


When we twisted, or rolled, the string between our fingers it created an illusion of the two images being in the same place – the fish was now in the water.


This led to further developments in moving images, which we will continue exploring after the October break.