Einstein’s Helpers – 2 measurement sheets (above)

Multiplication Masters – TJ 2A – Page 61

Brain Busters – Equivalent Fraction Worksheet (above)


Comprehension Booklet

Gangsta Grannies – Non Fiction (formal letter): Noisy neighbour

World’s Worst Children – Day Trip to London

Billionaire Boys and Girls – Tom’s Apple


Whole Class Spelling Words

– Erosion

– Permeability

– Deposition

– Weathering

– Sediment

– Volcanic

– Honest

– Length

– Straight

– Except



Glitter Hands

We were visited earlier in the week by student nurses who talked to us about hygiene. We watched a video from the World Health Organisation which demonstrates good hand washing techniques before doing a quiz where we had to stick various pictures including pets, a toilet, a doorknob onto a blown up photograph of a mobile phone. This showed us that our phones are covered in germs and quite often we eat food whilst touching the phone as well as bringing it close to our mouth!

Then we got  ‘Glitter hands’ where we had to sprinkle glitter on our hands and then =shake hands with other pupils. We ended up touching our faces and objects by accident; this showed us how easily germs are spread. Now we understand how thoroughly we need to wash our hands to get the glitter/germs off! 


P6 were exploring cells through microscopes today. We had to wear protective clothing, including gloves and glasses. We put slices of onions under the lens and saw all the cells – it was amazing!

We recorded our findings as diagrams. Then we tried more slides, including dog hair, rabbit hair, wood and paper.