Today we were learning about Scots language and reading poems. We went into groups and looked at 6 poems. A dug a dug was some people’s favorite because it was funny and the Dad gave in to giving the child a dog.

We were also learning how to pronounce Scots words and where to use apostrophes. Each group had to write questions, characters, setting and plot.


Celebrating Scots

Ahead of celebrating Burns Night this month, we have been immersing ourselves in Scottish culture and the Scots language.

We started off by looking at and recreating Steven Brown’s ‘McCoo’ with oil pastels on paper.


Next we read the Gruffalo in Scots. We had to work out some new words but our knowledge of the story helped us.

For our spelling words this week, we got to use the iPads and Chromebooks to search for Scots words online. We practised these using active strategies.