We are learning all about the history of cinema and film in P6. We are looking at the creation of film and the very first moving images ever recorded. So far we have looked at Journey to the Moon – it was one of the first films to be very creative and explored how film could be used to tell a story.

Today we were making thaumatropes in class. Thaumatropes were used in the late 1800s to create a moving image – people were amazed at this at that time!

We drew two circles, each with an image on them. The two images should be something similar, or related, such as a fish and water.


We cut out the two circles and put a length of string in between them, before gluing them together, with the string inside.


When we twisted, or rolled, the string between our fingers it created an illusion of the two images being in the same place – the fish was now in the water.


This led to further developments in moving images, which we will continue exploring after the October break.