Our Learning

we were doing maths wi  nae borders and we were trying to find out how to draw a rodgers  triangle as you can see.

we were doing hockey in gym and split into two groups. Hockey is really fun 

we were using the Nursery’s sound bags to write a short story about the stuff in the bags only using the one letter of the bag it was really fun and the stories were silly but quite good actually. the things in the middle of the desk are the bags.


Homework Activities

Pupils should copy their Spelling list 3 times and complete at least one Active Spelling strategy.

Pupils should choose 1 Reading Activity from their Reading Tasks sheet and complete it using their class reading book.

New reading pages will be issued in Tuesday in class. Pupils should only read the pages instructed as this is required for learning in class – making predictions about the next chapter for example.

Pupils will be given instructions for Maths homework in class and this should be in their homework diary – usually a TJ homework booklet page. This can be supplemented by practising multiplication tables or Sumdog online activities.#

Homework should be signed by an adult when tasks are completed and pupils should hand jotters in to class teacher on Friday.