No Carve Pumpkin Challenge

Today for our Art lesson we decorated pumpkins as a creative challenge. We made our own designs and sourced different materials to use.  Some of us worked in groups and some of us worked on our own. It was messy but great fun!

Thank you very much to Waitrose Mearns, Sainsburys Giffnock and Tesco Clarkston for donating the pumpkins!

Were you right?

Here are the answers to Evie’s spelling riddles.

1. volcanoes
2. tornadoes
3. echoes
4. tomatoes
5. heroes

This week we are looking forward to the first House Trauchle – Buzzby Buzzers. Look out for photos of us taking part in this inter house quiz. Fastest finger first!

Riddle Me This…

We are working on creating plurals in spelling. This week we were looking at nouns that end in ‘o’ that become plural by adding ‘es’.
torpedo – torpedoes

Evie created some fantastic riddles as part of her homework. The answers are all plural nouns ending -oes. Can you figure them out?

1. We are usually asleep but we waken with a bang and spew lava. We are?
2. We are spirals of wind and destroy everything in our path. We are?
3. We imitate people’s voices but we can’t answer questions. We are?
4. We grow on plants. We start off green but when we turn red we are ready to eat. We are?
5. We are brave. People admire us. Batman is a ‘super’ one. We are?

Look out for the answers in a future blog post.

The ‘Unsinkable’ Ship

Our context for learning this term is ‘The Titanic’. This will be our topic exploring People, Past Events and Societies. We have broken down the topic by listing what we already know and have created key questions to guide our learning over the topic. The main skills we will be working on will be comparing a society in the past with our own and using sources to investigate the past.

Ava and Olivia’s Mum visited The Titanic museum in Belfast. They brought in some souvenirs for us to have a look at.

Our Marvellous Maths Games

We worked collaboratively to design and produce a board game that would allow us to strengthen our mental maths skills. We chose which of the four operations we wanted to focus on then planned the game play around this. We invited P6/5 and Mrs Kerr to try our our games and collected lots of useful feedback. We now have a great bank of games to play during Maths time.

After our planning it was time to start manufacturing!

Collecting feedback whilst we play. My turn!

Our Class Charter

Our school has achieved Rights Respecting School Level 2. As part of our commitment to the UNCRC, each class in our school creates a class charter focusing on a selection of the rights. We carried out a Diamond 9 activity to select the five rights that we would include in our charter. We had a discussion about how we respect these rights in our class and around our school, linking in our Code of Conduct where possible.

In I.C.T. we researched themes for the finished charter – we decided on a fairground with a ferris wheel. The rights will be displayed on balloons and if you look carefully you will spot each class member – perhaps riding on the roller coaster or having fun on the wheel. We will upload a photo of the finished charter. In the meantime, here we are taking part in the Diamond 9.


Please remember to bring in any achievements that are earned outside of school. We will celebrate these in our class and record them on the blog or on our achievement wall.

Erin took part in the Race at Your Pace running challenge. She ran a total of 10 miles. Good job Erin!

We bid Miss Hunter a FINAL farewell!

We were asked to make the signage for a video to say goodbye to Miss Hunter. Although Miss Hunter has now taken up her new position of HT of Mearns Primary, members of staff planned a leaving party for her to bid her a final farewell. The party has now taken place and Miss Hunter was delighted with her video.
We were delighted to get the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and to crack the paint open!

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