World Book Day



So many books to choose from!


My favourite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl
My favourite book is The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks
My favourite book is Wonder wriiten by RJ Palacio
I really enjoyed reading the Horrid Henry Books by Francesca Simon
I love reading Wher;s Wally? The Wonder File by Martin Handford
The Descendants is my favourite film. I loved reading the book too!
The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop is a super book. It was written by Clare Balding


Have you ever watched The Lion King! The book is even better!
Super Happy Magic Forrest is about friendship. I loved it!
Winnie Adds Magic is a super book. it was written by Laura Own and Kork Paul
I loved reading Wizard of Oz becuase it’s an adventure story.

Owl tastic!

Today as part of STEM week we learned facts about animals.

Did you know:-

Owls don’t have any teeth. They swallow their food whole (Olivia Hackett)

Owl digest their food by using their upper tummy (Angel)

Owls can hear 10 times better than humans (Olivia Hackett)

we studied owl pellets to find out what they have been eating
Starlight the owl flew over us. He didn’t make a sound.
Starlight is a beautiful Barn owl
We met 6 different types of owl.



Outdoor Learning at Rouken Glen Park

We had a great time at Rouken Glen Park today. Look at what the boys and girls in Primary 4/3 thought

“It was really fun. I enjoyed all the activities”(Ailish)

“I thought it was really muddy. I liked making cocktails out of mud, leaves and one millipede,” (Phillip)

“It was really fun and enjoyable,” (Katie)

“I though it was really nice and the Park Ranger Katie was lovely”,(Nuala)

“I liked making the stinky cocktails with Ailish and Olivia”, (Anna)

“I liked making the cocktails with Alizay” (Sophia)