Anti Bullying Week

The boys and girls have been talking about their rights. They were then given a challenge.

The P4’s had to find an article which relates to each theme of the United Conventions for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The P3’S were asked to illustrate the following – ‘You have to be treated well and not be hurt by anyone’.

Look at the wonderful display of their work.

Our Rights


Maths Relay Race

We really enjoyed presenting our Maths Relay Race to our family members. We didn’t need any help with our calculations but it was nice to see mums and dads joining in on the race.

P4/3 did a wonderful presentation.
Olivia is hoping the red team will do well.
Mum, dad….would you like to join in?
Osman wants to win!
shhh…we’re working out our calculations.
Jack is very fast.. and competitive!
Mums and dads having a go!
Quick mum…it’s a race!

Science – The Human Body

Mr MacDonald has been teaching us about the human body. Osman & Katie would like to share some facts –


  • Did you know that the ear bone is the smallest bone in the body.
  • Organs pump blood all over your body.


The femur is the largest bone in your body.

You have 206 bones in your adult body.

Creative Homework Challenge

The boys and girls have really enjoyed presenting their work this afternoon.  Their challenge was to choose an activity and present it any way they wish.  The challenges involved a lot of research into each child’s particular interest.  

The following pictures showcase all of the brilliant ideas the children came up with.

Sophia enjoys swimming
Sophia’s swimming collage
Fergus researched The Beano


Fergus presenting facts about The Beano


Olivia’s facts about leeks
Olivia researched her favourite fruit & vegetables
Sophie loves horses
Sophie has written a book about Horse-riding
Andrew’s Maze
Did Sophia manage to find a way out?