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Stranger Danger

Primary 1 have been learning all about Stranger Danger today.

We had a visit from a Police Officer who spoke to us all about how to stay safe. We learnt never to go with strangers and we practised what we would do if we were ever in that situation – Run, Yell and Tell! We talked about people we could trust to tell. Our ideas included mums and dads, police officers, firefighters and our teachers.

The photos below show us practising our Running, Yelling and Telling. We were very loud!


The boys and girls in P1a and P1b have been really busy this week exploring our Halloween Investigation Station! We have been hunting for spiders in the jelly, using Halloween pasta to make patterns, using spooky cutters to mould playdoh and having-a-go at writing using our Halloween word mat.

Have a look at the pictures below to see what else we’ve been up to!