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P5 are going to Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayrshire

We are going Monday 16th of January.

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We are going to learn about Robert Burns (Rabbie Burns).

We will be splitting the class into groups of 4 and give each group a worksheet. Tell the groups what they need to complete their worksheet by working together and by finding information in the museum gallery.

The class will be told that they will need to use information from the Robert Burns timeline in the whispering gallery to complete the Robert Burns timeline on their worksheets.

We are going to Ayrshire because he was born there. He was born on 25th January 1759 and that’s why we celebrate Burns day.

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Amy has working very hard with the nursery to prepare for their nativity. She has given up her own time to help the boys and girls get ready for their nativity. Well done Amy


We have been learning about Christmas around the world. Did you know that in Sweden the patron saint st Lucia? Sweden celebrates this special day on the 13th of December by dressing up and making special hats. Mrs Kerr helped us make special hats we have taking pics of them

Dates for your diary

Monday 19th December: Google Expedition

Tuesday 20th December: Christmas Party

Reading Challenge

The boys and girls are busy continuing the reading challenge. We keep a record of how many books we read and display this on our literacy wall. Congratulations to Lola who has read and reviewed 21 books so far.


Lola-Read 21 books!
Lola-Read 21 books!




P5 Golf Tournament

Today in p5 we took part in a Golf tournament. It was very fun. Everyone took part and tried their hardest, with the following people making it to the quarter-finals: Rebecca, Leo,  Isobel, Nicholas, Lola, Aaron, Ben, Beth, Rebecca and Amy.

Miss Doris also took part and WOW she is good! (Although she needed 7 shots to score!)



A Big, Long Update

 School Life

Chess is a popular game in p5. So we took this on board and started a chess league with teams. Primary 5 have been teaching each other how to play chess. We have been teaching people how to play chess. There is also a chess club after school on a Wednesday.

The whole school took part in an anti-bullying campaign. We learned that in every situation there is a bully, an upstander and a bystander. We had to write a poem, poster or a script for a play. The P5 winners were josh Connor, Gordon, Aaron, Leo and milo. Caleb was part of the group but he was sick.

Dragons Den

Primary 5 took part in Dragons Den. We had 7 groups competing with one overall winner. The winning group was called V.A service. This group designed a product that would help people who had difficulties writing, such as those with dyslexia. This group made an app using the AppShed software we learned to use in Skills Academy.




Busby Primary is going to be visited by the Google Expeditions team. They will be bringing in a set of Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets. P5 will be doing it on space – it will feel like we are flying to the moon!


Last Sunday Lara went to a swimming competition in Larkhall. She came 3rd in 50m butterfly and 50m frontcrawl.

Nivi, Isobel and Rebecca are going to be taking part in gymnastics competitions. They will be doing between two and four activities, including Floor, Vault, beam & bars. Nivi and Isobel will be competing with Zippy’s and Rebecca with Flair.

Charity & Competitions

Lara, Gaby and Tomas are holding a charitable Christmas colouring competition. Pupils can buy a festive colouring sheet for £1 and the winning artist will win a £10 Smiggle voucher. All proceeds will go to charity. Good Luck!

In are school we have joined a Crazy creatures competition. We have to write a mini saga about our crazy creature. The mini saga must be no more than 100 words and has to be in our own words.

In Busby we are having a talent show called B Factor. We are hosting class auditions this week. Talents range from Highland to Dance to Piano to singing to Stand-up Comedy.


Sky Academy

At Sky Academy we will be working on our own news report. We all go into a big theatre we watch a short film about sky academy. We will be making a short news report about participation in sport.

The Sky Academy Studios


look at our school
look at our school


We’re so excited for when we go.

Dragon’s Den

Primary 5 have been making their own products and services for helping people. Working in groups of 5 we have had to make a slogan, logo and name for the products. Some of us have been voting on our group’s product name and other groups have just decided which name they like best. When the products are complete they will be presented to a panel of ‘dragons’ who must be persuaded to invest in our products. We will need to be prepared to answer any questions they have.