An update on our learning so far by Ben

Ten Pieces

A few days ago we went to the Ten Pieces concert in the City Halls in  Glasgow. We heard a lot of new songs. Barney Harwood, Hacker and Dodge from CBBC entertained us.We learned that a very famous composer Beethoven wrote his best song when he was deaf. We loved every minute of it.

Skills Academy

We always have fun when we are at Skills Academy. Laura really enjoyed making an app and Rebecca loved cooking food for the P7 friends and families.



We have been learning about different  forces e.g  magnets, electrostatic force & gravity. We have been  doing different experiments to find out more about the forces. We all made big posters and they are amazing.


Cross Country Race

Tess and Brooke took part in the cross country run at Rouken Park. They ran 2 and half kilometres. they were exhausted after the race but enjoyed every minute of it.


The French Night

The school had a family fun French night. We made pancakes and an Eiffel tower made out of marshmallows and spaghetti. It was a very good night.