Live webinar sessions

During lockdown, working in partnership with SCHOLAR and SCILT, e-Sgoil delivered a programme of live interactive lessons to in-home learners using video conferencing technology.

e-Sgoil are now offering live webinar sessions that complement SCHOLAR’s e-learning resources for over a dozen  National 5 and Higher courses.

These webinars give learners the opportunity to:

• participate in an extensive series of live early-evening study support webinar lessons from their own homes.
• benefit from specialist teacher input during the live, real-time webinar lessons.
• access subject specific resources in advance of the webinar lessons.

The current live webinar lessons for part of an initial block of eight sessions.

Upcoming online webinars from e-Sgoil:
Day Date Time Subject Level
Monday 14/09/2020 5pm Mathematics National 5
Monday 14/09/2020 6pm Business Management Higher
Monday 14/09/2020 6pm Physics National 5
Monday 14/09/2020 7pm Physics Higher
Monday 14/09/2020 7pm Computing Science Higher
Tuesday 15/09/2020 6pm Spanish Higher
Wednesday 16/09/2020 5pm French Higher
Wednesday 16/09/2020 5pm Gaelic Higher
Wednesday 16/09/2020 6pm Mathematics Higher
Wednesday 16/09/2020 7pm English Higher
Thursday 17/09/2020 6pm Chemistry Higher
Thursday 17/09/2020 7pm English National 5
Thursday 17/09/2020 7pm Mandarin National 5
Please note: For e-Sgoil webinars, advance registration is required. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
For more information on how to take part in upcoming sessions, please visit SCHOLAR’s Online Tutor Sessions.  You can see regular updates via Twitter @SCHOLARuk and Facebook SCHOLARprogramme.