PTA Advent Raffle

Congratulations to this week’s PTA Advent raffle winners and the monthly draw winner.  Thanks also to the S4 pupils (Charis, Sarah, Erin, Charlotte, Annie, Mei-mei, Mollie and Sarah) and S1 pupils (Liam and Leo) for selecting the winning tickets.

Monday:  Ticket number 679 – parent of  Ben Wright (S1)

Tuesday:  Ticket number  11 – parent of  Cole Rossi (S2)

Wednesday:  Ticket number  264 – parent of  Jess Mawhinney (S5)

Thursday:  Ticket number  789 – parent of  Angus Stewart (S1)

Friday:  Ticket number 658 – parent of Euan Woods (S4)

Saturday:  Ticket number 316 – parent of Jacob Anderson (S2)

Sunday:  Ticket number 4 – parent of Evan Hudson (S1)

Monday:  Ticket number 986 – parent of Flora Kerr (S5)

Tuesday:  Ticket number 433 – parent of Elena Job (S5)

Monthly Draw:  Ticket number 235 – parent of Jenny McLaren (S1)