Uniform Evening

On Monday 3rd June, all pupils were issued with a copy of an important letter regarding school uniform.  This is in anticipation of new uniform items being purchased for the new term in August.  A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

The standard of school uniform at Williamwood High School continues to be very good. Uniform is an important aspect of the positive ethos within the school. All pupils in S1-S6 are regularly reminded of the standard of school uniform which is expected at their year group assembly. Your ongoing support with this matter is greatly appreciated. Additional information about the standard of uniform can be found in the ‘Information’ section of the school website or here as well as the link to the Dressing for Excellence leaflet which can be accessed here.

Stevenson’s (previously Man’s World) will be available in The Street from 4pm – 8pm on Thursday 13 June.  At this event, a full range of school uniform items can be purchased.  New S5 and S6 pupils can hand in their blazers to be braided on Friday 21st June between 12pm and 4pm.  Braiding should be paid on Friday 21st June.

S5 Half braiding – 3 pockets and cuffs £22.00

S6 Full braiding- Braid all round, 3 pockets and cuffs – £32.00

S6 Full braiding and prefect/ head/ depute – Braid all round, 3 pockets and 2 band cuffs £35.00

S6 Half to Full braiding- Adding braid all round existing braided 5th year blazer – £18.00

S6 Half – Full braiding and extra prefect/head/depute cuff  – £26.00

Junior Awards Ceremony

Please click here to see the list of this year’s school sports achievements for the Junior Award Ceremony. If there are any achievements missing, please see Mr Madden in the P.E. department by lunchtime on Friday 7th June. A reminder that the sporting achievements on the list are for school sports competitions only.