Sports Day

Well done to all pupils and staff who participated in our annual Sports Day last week.  The quality was high and many pupils achieved personal bests in their chosen field.  Congratulations to the following overall winners:

S1 Boys                                                               S1 Girls

1st Cameron Deverill                                         1st  Imogen Robinson

2nd Daniel Langford                                           2nd Skye Moulson

3rd Johnnie Carrick                                            3rd  Rebecca Allan

S2 Boys                                                                S2 Girls

1st Michael Foley                                               1st Anisha Wilke

2nd Ross O’Brien                                                2nd Niamh Smith

3rd Glasgow McKenzie                                      3rd Abby Thomson/Lucy Elliot

S3 Boys                                                               S3 Girls

1st Scott McMillan                                            1st Rebekah Black

2nd Robbie Currie                                              2nd Olivia Pickford

3rd Calum Stewardson                                      3rd Katy Wilson