Maths Week Scotland

Following the publication of the Making Maths Count document, one of the ten recommendations was to introduce Maths Week Scotland. Commencing on Monday 11 September, the mathematics department at Williamwood will be continuing to enhance the experience for our pupils through a variety of projects, lessons and presentations which we will update through the week.

Anthony Nolan Donor Registration Event

On Monday, a large group of S5 and S6 pupils (and some staff) participated in the Anthony Nolan Donor Registration Event and signed up to be potential donors.  This is a voluntary register for people aged 16-30 who can help save the lives of people with blood cancer.   This event was organised by The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with Anthony Nolan and facilitated in the school by an excellent team of S6 Champions.  Williamwood was proud to offer this opportunity to our young adults and have been encouraged by the maturity in which they researched and made decisions on whether to be involved.  Well done to all concerned and thank you.   


National Healthcare Weekend at Stirling University 4th-5th November

200 healthcare professionals from across Scotland will be volunteering to present and network with students who are interested in:

  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Psychology

at National Healthcare Weekend on the 4th and 5th November taking place at the University of Stirling:

7 conferences on different specialties in the same location on the same day!
Please note that these events are likely to fill up quickly.

It is a highly valuable opportunity for students to meet a variety of healthcare professions, learn about work experience opportunities and how to make a successful application.

Registration is £25 for students on the Saturday conferences and there is an optional UCAS lecture available on Sunday for each specialty.

Students can register on the Medic Mentor website and find out more about the events here.  

All proceeds from the weekend will be used to support our UK’s healthcare students with scholarships, elective bursaries, free training and educational initiatives.

Teachers can attend for free, as well as students from low-income backgrounds.  If you wish to find out more please follow the link above and notify Miss. Mortimer if you book a place.

Maths Week Scotland (11 – 17 September)

As part of Maths Week Scotland 2017, senior pupils will be offered the opportunity to attend a presentation by the Strath Science Scouts on what it’s like to study maths at University and the wide variety of career opportunities open to graduates.  Following on from this, Professor Adam McBride from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Strathclyde will lead a workshop for pupils.   Any fifth/sixth year pupils interested in attending should approach their maths teacher.

Pupil Achievement

Congratulations to 6 pupils who have been successful in earning a part in the pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at East Kilbride Village Theatre which is taking place Tuesday 21 November until Saturday 25 November.  We wish them luck for their performances.  Congratulations to Amy Sheppard (S2), Jennifer Dallas (S2), Rosie Jane Mason (S2) and Sophie McBain (S3), Imaan Malik (S4) and Ewan McAulay (S5).

Study Skills Workshop for S1-S3 Parents

From the school calendar, which is available on the school website, you will know that a study skills workshop for the parents of pupils in S1-S3 will take place on Thursday 28 September.  The aim of this event is to help parents to support their children in preparing for class tests and assessments in the early stages of secondary school.  The workshops will focus on simple study techniques which may be of benefit to pupils such as mind mapping, the use of study cards, effective note-taking and literacy skills.  The workshops also aim to introduce parents to a range of online resources that pupils can use to assist them in their studies.  If you are interested in attending this workshop, please let us know by completing the tear-off slip (attached) and returning it to the school office or send it by email to no later than Friday 15 September.  Please note that pupils are not expected to attend with their parents.

S1 Parents’ Information Evening

From the school calendar, which is posted on the school website, you will know that an information evening for parents of pupils in S1 is taking place on Tuesday 12 September. The evening will begin at 7pm.  The purpose of this information evening is to give parents and guardians an opportunity to visit the various departments of the school where you will be able to see examples of pupil work and course materials, speak with staff members, observe some pupils at work and even join in with some of the lessons.  All pupils in S1 were issued with a letter today.  More information can also be found here.

Saltire Award

Saltire Awards is the Scottish Governments national youth volunteer awards. They celebrate, recognise and reward the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland, aged between 12 and 25. Young people gain nationally recognised certificates, signed by Scottish Government Ministers, for the different amounts of volunteering they do.  Saltire Awards helps young volunteers to reflect on, capture and communicate their learning and development gained through their volunteering.  There are four milestones to the Awards designed to help you celebrate your volunteering journey. The Challenge; The Ascent; The Approach; The Summit.  Congratulations to all pupils who achieved their Saltire award.

Senior Awards Ceremony 2017

On Thursday 31 August, senior pupils in S4, S5 and S6 received recognition for their achievements throughout 2016-17. Guest speaker , Tony Begley, (Classrooms for Malawi) opened the ceremony by encouraging pupils to apply themselves fully to all areas of their lives; to be ambitious and pursue their happiness.  Pupils received awards for endeavour, sporting achievement, special recognition as well as subject attainment in the recent SQA exams. Mr Inglis also congratulated all pupils on their achievements and passed on his good wishes for the next academic session. Full details of the award winners can be found below:


Front cover

Order of Service

S4 Endeavour Awards 2016-2017

S4 Subject Awards 2016-2017

Sports Awards 2016-2017

S5 Endeavour Awards 2016-2017

S5-S6 Subject Awards 2016-2017

Special Awards 2016-2017