Junior Achievements

A list of junior sporting achievements for 2016-2017 can be found here.  All pupils who are now in S2, S3 and S4 must check the list to ensure its accuracy.  Please make Mr Madden aware of additional sporting achievements accomplished during the previous school year, which are not already recorded or any errors on the list.  Alert Mr Madden to any changes by Wednesday 14 June at the latest.  Please note, only achievements directly connected to schools events are recognised in this ceremony.  All other achievements, such as when representing your own sports club, should be recognised using the existing PE Department ‘Colours’ system.


Maintaining the Standard – Uniform

Yesterday, all pupils were issued with a copy of an important letter regarding school uniform.  This is in anticipation of new uniform items being purchased for the new term in August.  All parents/carers will also be emailed a copy of this letter and presentation over the next few days.  A copy of the letter and presentation can be viewed here and here.

The standard of school uniform at Williamwood High School continues to be very good. Uniform is an important aspect of the positive ethos within the school. All pupils in S1-S6 are regularly reminded of the standard of school uniform which is expected at their year group assembly. Your ongoing support with this matter is greatly appreciated. Additional information about the standard of uniform can be found in the ‘Information’ section of the school website or here as well as the link to the Dressing for Excellence leaflet which can be accessed here.

Man’s World will be available in The Street from 4pm – 8pm on Thursday 15 June.  At this event, a full range of school uniform items can be purchased.  New S5 and S6 pupils can also hand in their blazers to be braided on Thursday 15 June between 12pm and 4pm.  Costs are £22 for S5 braiding, £18 for S6 braiding and £25 for head girl, head boy, depute and prefect braiding.  Braiding should be paid on Thursday 15 June.

Pupil Achievement

Congratulations to all of the pupils who set up and ran the ‘Roll on Williamwood’ project which raised £140.50 by organising and selling rolls to staff in the school.  The project was a huge success and pupils increased in confidence as the project progressed.  Some of the money was used for a trip to Hollywood Bowl and the rest of the money was donated to Cancer Research.  Well done to all pupils involved!

Pupil Achievement

Congratulations to the S1/S2 group from the CSS who set up their pocket garden at the Gardening Scotland Festival at the Highland Showground yesterday.  The group made it through from nearly 300 entries to the 22 finalists in the Keep Scotland Beautiful Pocket Garden competition and have been designing, painting, growing and creating their garden throughout the term.  The garden incorporates the three ideas: food for people; a garden that is good for wildlife and the 2017 Scottish year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.  Pupils have managed to patiently grow their own food and flowers and thought very carefully about sustainability in recycling or upcycling around 15 different items in their design.  If anyone is heading to the festival, please don’t forget to visit the pocket garden area and vote for the Williamwood High School garden!