Arthur McKay Plumbing Apprenticeship


A Plumbing Apprenticeship is a Modern Apprenticeship where apprentices receive training in all aspects of commercial plumbing and heating:

  • reading design plans
  • removing old and installing new bathroom fitments in an occupied building
  • diagnosing faults in hot and cold water pipes, central heating systems, waste disposal and sanitation systems
  • mending leaks, unblocking drains, repairing toilets
  • choosing the right kind of pipe or joint
  • working with plastics and metals such as copper, aluminium, zinc and lead
  • cutting, bending, welding and soldering piping
  • weatherproofing and maintaining ronepipes and guttering and other metal parts of roofs

The 4 year training process involves a combination of college hours and on site training leading to an SVQ Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering Services (MES) Domestic Plumbing. Entry Requirements Arthur McKay require all applicants to have achieved a General Level Standard Grade 3 or above in Maths, English, one science and a technical subject as a minimum. Apprentices must also pass the SNIPEF Apprentice Entrance Selection Test

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