nm2Pupils in S2 are currently experiencing our new Developing the Young Scientific Workforce unit of work.  They have engaged in informative and interactive lessons, where they have explored a vast range of science related careers.  They have enjoyed the challenge of showcasing their research with their peers across different classes, in the form of a Science Careers Conference.
Photos of some of the pupils in action can be seen by clicking here.


This unit of work supports our commitment to the national Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) strategy and also helps to guide pupils in making informed choices as they embark on S2 options this week.

Pupils from S3 and S6 welcomed our S2 pupils to a Science Champions lunch on Friday last week, where pupils were invited to ask our successful scientists about their experience in biology, chemistry and physics.  S2 pupils left the lunch with an even better insight into what studying the sciences involves, and the opportunities available to them.

Following a hands-on taster lesson for each of the three science subjects this week, S2 pupils have chosen two of three career-based  Scientists at Work units from Forensics, Life Science and Engineering. Pupils will look at the theory and practice involved across these broad themes, in the context of real life situations in society and the world of work.  Pupils will also continue to work on developing the skills required to be successful in the study of any of the sciences across the senior phase and beyond.

For further information about science related careers you can find a wealth of information via the following links:

Biology related careers: www.rsb.org.uk/careers

Chemistry related careers: www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/collections/faces-of-chemistry/careers-with-chemistry

Physics related careers: www.physics.org/careers

General careers advice: www.myworldofwork.co.uk/

Should you have any questions about specific course choices, please do not hesitate to contact the following principal teachers of science:

Mrs  L. McFadzean – Principal Teacher of Biology

Mrs M-L. Gibson – Principal Teacher of Chemistry

Mr T. Ferns  – Principal Teacher of Physics & Science