Calling All Budding Entrepreneurs

Orbit%20Logo%20A fantastic opportunity has arisen with Orbit, a Social Enterprise, which aims to build world class skills through entrepreneurship in teenagers aged between 16 – 18 years old.  There are a limited number of places on this 15 week programme and it would be well suited to pupils planning on studying business management or account and finance.

The following information is taken from their website:
Imagine a place, where a simple idea can grow into something much larger.  Orbit is a business incubator, designed to launch teenagers, aged between 16-18, into setting up their own businesses.  We partner with high schools and academies, and they supply us with our budding entrepreneurs.  Demand is enormous, but after our application and selection process, we take successful applicants into our LaunchPad.  Once per week, on a weekday evening, we meet at the LaunchPad – our meeting rooms. Through our 15 week programme, teenagers will be partnered with a business mentor, whom will guide them through every stage of setting up a business.   Orbit provides every participant with:

  • A business mentor, whom is a real entrepreneur;
  • Professionally produced business ‘incubation guides’, giving you a handbook for setting up a business;
  • Access to leading business figures, whom talk to participants on a 1-to-1 basis;
  • A vibrant community of other budding entrepreneurs to network with;
  • Access to e-resources, where engaging video content adds to the learning experience;
  • The opportunity to become a part of our community.;
  • Being a Social Enterprise, you can trust that we are not in this for cynical aims; We thrive on the generosity of our volunteers. Everything starts with our teenage participants, and everything ends with our teenage participants; they are our focus.”

For further information visit:
If you are interested in applying for a place please contact Miss. Mortimer ASAP as the deadline for applications is 31 May 2016.