National 3 Environmental Science Project

DSCN0275Junaid, Ewan and Fraser are S5 pupils who study National 3 Environmental Science with Mrs Elliott.  As a part of their National 3 Environmental Science course, the boys have worked on projects to improve their environment.  Before Christmas, the boys focused on a bug house in the school eco garden.  Since the start of this year, they have focused on a major recycling and sustainability project.  The boys compiled an excellent report which includes their detailed findings as well as next steps.  As a part of their project, they created recycling stations in each science classroom as well as the science staff base.  Every week, they collected, counted and cleaned the plastic bottles and cans before Mrs Elliott transported them to a local recycling facility.  Their study included 17 classrooms over a 10 week period.  On average, the team collected 121 plastic bottles and 6 cans per week.  Over the 10 week period, the boys recycled over 1211 bottles and 58 cans.  In addition, the boys completed a staff survey about recycling habits both at home and in school.  100% of teachers surveyed said that they would use additional recycling facilities if they were introduced into the school.  The boys are keen to ensure that their project has a lasting impact on the school and have now contacted East Renfrewshire Council to suggest further improvements to the current recycling scheme in schools.  In recognition of their excellent work in this field, the boys have been awarded a Convener’s Award for their outstanding achievement in the community services category.  Ewan will collect the award on behalf of the team at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 28 April at Carmichael Hall, Eastwood Park.  Well done to the boys!