Chess Club News

1Congratulations to all of the S1-S4 pupils who took part in the Delancey Schools’ Chess Tournament over the past 7 Wednesdays.  Each round was tense and exciting as the games started with a handshake followed by a 45 minute silent room with 26 players aiming to win their game.  The pupils enjoyed the badge, gold spots, mascots and other prizes as they gained points in the tournament.  Congratulations to the following 12 pupils who accumulated enough points to gain entry to the regional tournament in April: Joseph(S3), Finlay(S3), Andrew(S2), Jamie(S1), Adam(S2), Harry(S4), Emily(S2), Andrew(S1), Cameron(S3), Kaya(S1), Angus (S3) and Fraser(S3).  A special well done to Harry (S4) who won every single game and is our school chess champion.  Well done!  More photographs here.