Get Energised! The Scottish Power Foundation

On Tuesday 25th March, Mr Sudding’s S3 Physics classes participated in an event held at the Museum of Rural Life run by the Scottish Power Foundation.  The event’s theme was renewable energy and the pupils were given the opportunity to hear two very passionate and experienced speakers as well as take part in interactive challenges which tested their problem solving skills.   

Teams had to discover the optimum angle to place a solar panel at, design and construct an impulse water turbine, decide which wave power company is best to invest in as well as investigating the efficiency of various blades at different angles on a wind turbine.  After each challenge, teams had to present their findings in a short talk. 

The day was both informative and fun.  Pupils enjoyed the tractor ride to the farm as well as the free juice at lunch time!  At the end of the day the winning team was announced and we are delighted to report that a Williamwood team consisting of S3 pupils Rumaisa, Rebecca and Lucy were the overall winners.  The pupils would like to thank Mr Sudding and Mrs Tod for planning and organising the trip.  Click here for more photos.  Article written by Rumaisa.  The pupils’ achievements were also recognised in the local newspaper, The Extra, which can be accessed at: