Williamwood’s Got Talent 2014

On Thursday night, ten acts performed in the annual Williamwood’s Got Talent contest. The judges, Mr Getty, Ms Martin, Ms Hutcheson and Mrs Hillhouse were amazed by the high standard of competition which included drummers, gymnasts, singers and a wide variety of other acts. The crowd were also delighted by an appearance from the Malawi group who performed a version of ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’. The show was hosted by Ewan Pringle and Samantha Greenwood (S6) and featured voiceovers from the X Factor’s very own Peter Dickson. First place was awarded to a singer and guitar act, Ruth Cosgrove (S6) and Jamie Miller (S6). Second place was awarded to drummers Tom Potter (S2) and Adam Hunter (S4) with Erin Cox (S2) being awarded third place after performing a rendition of a song by The Script. However, the highlight of the night had to be the ‘return’ of Mr Fitzpatrick and the senior management team as they performed a segment from Riverdance. Choreographed by Ms Simpson (BICT) and envisioned by Mr Henderson (BICT), the piece was performed by a group of teachers that were sadly not the SMT. The S4 production team, Jamie McQueen, Joe Gardner and Euan Odd, ensured that the night was a success. They were also supported by Ross Gunning. This report was written by Joe Gardner (S4).  The show can be viewed here:  http://youtu.be/7xj_Z0UfFgk