Supported study programme 2013/14

Please find attached a copy of this session’s supported study programme which I would ask you to discuss with your son or daughter.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TIMETABLE IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE. Many departments offer supported study opportunities that are not listed in the formal timetable . In addition to this formal programme of supported study, many departments also offer informal sessions during lunchtimes and may offer additional after-school sessions as required. Teachers will advise pupils in their classes of any such opportunities. Supported study sessions for Higher and Intermediate 2 mathematics take place each Saturday morning and are open to all pupils studying mathematics. Please note that changes may be made to this schedule from time to time. Teachers will advise pupils in their classes of any changes as they arise. Please telephone Mr Inglis (depute headteacher) or ask your son/daughter to speak to him directly, if you wish to discuss any aspect of supported study provision.  <attached>