Parking restrictions – ERC introduces new enforcement arrangements

This week I shall issue all pupils with an ERC leaflet which provides information on car parking in restricted areas. The leaflet, Be A Smart Parker, explains that from 2 April 2013 community wardens/parking attendants will have civil powers to to issue penalties for static parking offences. The school has a number of parking bays which are clearly marked for the exclusive use of disabled badge holders. Drivers who are not disabled badge holders are strongly advised to avoid parking in these bays. The link below gives more information on this matter.


‘Pride of Williamwood’ Launch

The national televised Pride of Britain Awards celebrate the achievements of truly remarkable people. The winners come from all walks of life and from all age groups, but they have one thing in common, they inspire others. At Williamwood we would like to acknowledge the achievements of our pupils in a ‘Pride of Williamwood’ section on the Pupil Support website. Each month nominations will be submitted by staff, parents, pupils or the wider community. The award will not be based on academic performance; its purpose is to recognise achievement beyond the purely academic. Please visit the Pupil Support page (go first to ‘Departments’) to see our first nominees.

S5 Options Presentation

Parents of pupils in S4 joined us for an information yesterday evening (Tuesday 5 March) to hear Mrs Sinclair and Mr Fitzpatrick speak about S5 curricular options and conversion rates from Intermediate 2 to Higher.  A series of similar meetings will be held for S4 pupils this week. A  copy of the presentation used by Mrs Sinclair is attached for your convenience.
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