Smartphone Monitoring and Parental Controls – Free Software

Argos, partnered with Symantec, is providing Norton’s Family Software to parents for free (no purchase necessary).  The software allows parents to block access to certain types of site and monitors use.  It works on PCs and laptops and, more usefully perhaps, on smart ‘phones and tablets.  This allows parents control of their children’s use of mobile devices and allows them to know what type of sites their children are visiting.  Features include: 

  •  Android smartphone monitoring – to see how children are using their ‘phones
  • Web monitoring and blocking – tracks the websites your child visits
  • Time limits – manages the time children can access the internet from any device
  • Social networking monitoring – keeps an eye on your children’s activity
  • Search monitoring – updates what your children are searching for
  • Email alerts – alerts you when your children do something they shouldn’t, for example trying to access blocked sites.

Argos made this move in support of the Government’s proposed legislation for ensuring protection for children from adult content on the internet.  If you wish to know more, here is the link. .