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Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination

On Tuesday 29 October, the Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination charity delivered excellent workshops to our S4 students.  These focused on discrimination, hate crime, why this is wrong and what young people should do if they witness this.

Testimonies from pupils who took part in the workshops will be posted here:

The Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination workshop was highly beneficial.  It focused mainly on discrimination and racism but touched on other issues as well. The workshop allowed us to gain  valuable information about misconceptions, discrimination and racism and showed us what do do if we witness this behaviour.  The workshop was very interactive and the presenters let all of the participants voice our own opinion and comment on our peers work.  Orla (S4) 

The workshop was very informative and helped me to gain further understanding about hate crimes and how to deal with them.  Overall I enjoyed this experience and had fun participating.  Sofia (S4)

World Mental Health Day – Thursday 10 October

On Thursday 10 October we recognised World Mental Health Day through a variety of activities in the school.

Thank you to the Mental Health S6 Pupil Committee – Positive Mental Action (PMA) for their work on the lead up to and on the day itself.   This included Euan, Niamh, Hannah, Holly, Sarah, Sophie and Rhiannna.

Thank you and well done to S6 pupils Nicholas for producing the video.

Pope Francis prays for a new missionary spring in the Church

In The Pope Video for October, which is being released during the inauguration of the Extraordinary Missionary Month, the Holy Father proposes imparting a “new impulse to the Church’s missionary activity.”

(Vatican City, October 1) — This month of October, The Pope Video is directed to all Catholics, inviting them to reawaken their missionary awareness and face “the challenge of proclaiming Jesus and his death and resurrection.” This month’s edition of the video is presented in the framework of the beginning of the Extraordinary Missionary Month (EMM)—#MissionaryOctober—convoked by Pope Francis “with the aim of fostering an increased awareness of the missio ad gentes and taking up again with renewed fervour the missionary transformation of the Church’s life and pastoral activity.”  The Pontifical Mission Societies have echoed the words of the Holy Father, who has expressed the desire that this EMM may be “an intense and fruitful occasion of grace, and promote initiatives and above all prayer, the soul of all missionary activity.”

“Missionary outreach is paradigmatic for all the Church’s activity.” There are regions in which the Church is still nascent and needs special support—mission territories, as they are called. Currently, there are 1,109 such territories located in Africa, Asia and the islands of Oceania, and the Americas. It’s estimated that 37% of the Universal Church is mission territory; that is to say, more than a third of the Catholic Church. This situation implies work that is in constant evolution, since as new territories are created, new social, educational, and pastoral institutions are assigned to cover all kinds of needs. An enormous portion of the Church’s social and educational work is carried out in mission territories.

In this video message, Francis proposes “reaching the peripheries—the human, cultural, and religious settings still foreign to the Gospel.” It is a universal call for all to announce the Gospel as missionary disciples. This renewed impulse, however, does not mean engaging in proselytism, but rather communicating life: “God, his divine life, his merciful love, his holiness! It is the Holy Spirit who sends us, accompanies us and inspires us. He is the source of our mission.” The starting point of the missionary endeavour is the joy of the Gospel, and Francis explains that it must be proclaimed with respect for the cultures and traditions of all people, with the awareness that “the soul of the mission is prayer.”

Fr. Frédéric Fornos, SJ, International Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (which includes the Eucharistic Youth Movement), emphasises that “we can do many things and spent a lot of energy at the service of the mission, but without prayer there’s no true fruitfulness, and everything will become laborious because instead of being docile to the Holy Spirit we trust in our own strength and will… Experience teaches us that it is our prayer, a personal encounter with the Lord, that gives rise to the desire to serve his mission in the world around us, in our neighbourhoods and cities and even travelling throughout the world. The mission is not, in fact, a duty or an obligation, but a joyful abundance that overflows from our baptism, from our new life in Christ, and which we cannot help but share.”

In his monthly prayer intention and at the beginning of this Extraordinary Missionary Month, Francis prays that “the Holy Spirit may engender a new missionary spring for all those baptised and sent by Christ’s Church,” members of a “pilgrim Church [which is] missionary by nature.”


S1 and S2 Sponsorship Events

On Wednesday 18 September and Thursday 19 September, S1 and S2 pupils participated in our annual sponsor event. Both year groups accomplished a 2K Fun Run which involved various obstacles, challenges and team tasks.

In total a fantastic and very generous amount of £7165.46 was raised.  All of this will go directly towards funding co-curricular activities for our young people.

Congratulations to Mr Cheshire’s 1a9 class and Miss Briggs S2 class. These classes individually raised the most amount of money and will be rewarded with the opportunity to attend a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in June.

Thank you to all pupils who contributed to these events and all parents and families for supporting them.

Nutshells for Parents/Carers

The National Parent Forum of Scotland “Nutshell” guides give helpful information for parents and carers to support their children to make key decisions and subject choices.  These include:

European Day of Languages

On Thursday 26 September, we celebrated the European Day of Languages.

S6 pupils Fiona, Laura, Tommy, Grace, Kathleen and Sinead ran French crêpe and Spanish tortilla stalls at interval and lunchtime and the cafeteria put on a European themed menu with Moussaka, Patatas Bravas, Quiche Lorraine and Scotch pies!

Some of our pupils, former pupils and staff  feature in the following video where they talk about the importance of learning a foreign language.  Thanks to Nicholas (S6) for producing this video with input from Jule (S3), former pupils Michael McLaughlin and Nicola Martin and staff members Mr Allan, Miss Henriot and Mr Swol.

Thanks to Mrs McCrea and all in the Modern Languages department who contributed to this excellent day.


Relics of St Therese of Lisieux

On Sunday 15 September a group of pupils and staff celebrated Mass at St Mirin’s Cathedral in Paisley in honour of the visit of the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux.

Some of our Sixth Year pupils had the privilege of carrying the relics into the Cathedral.

On Monday 16 September, a second group of pupils and staff will have the opportunity celebrate Mass in the presence of these outstanding relics.

Meeting of Parent Council – Monday 9 September

The meeting of the St Ninian’s High School Parent Council takes place on Monday 9 September at 7.15pm in Science Lab 8.  The AGM takes place beforehand at 7pm and all are welcome to attend and become members of the Parent Council. More details of what a Parent Council is, and the type of role it carries out, is available at

Eyes Open for Children at Risk

Everyone is urged to keep their #EyesOpen for children at risk during the school summer holidays.  A new @CPCScotland campaign says we can all do our bit to protect children.

@CPCScotland’s new #EyesOpen campaign urges everyone to look out for vulnerable wee people in the holidays. See something? Do something.

If you’re worried about a child during the school holidays, it’s better to say something than do nothing. @CPCScotland urges everyone to keep their #EyesOpen for children at risk

All of us can keep Scotland’s children safe from harm in the school holidays by taking an #EyesOpen approach

A new @CPCScotland summer campaign encourages everyone to help protect vulnerable children in the school holidays. If you’re worried, say something. #EyesOpen

For more information please click here.

Head Team 2019-20

We are delighted to announce that the Head Boy and Head Girl for the 2019-20 session will be Nicholas Manini (6a1) and Poppy Rose Wright (6a6).

They will be supported by the following Depute Head Boys and Depute Head Girls.

  • Luke Nelson (6a3)
  • Peter Capaldi (6a1)
  • John Crilley (6a9)
  • Matthew Adams(6a8)
  • Daniel Mombeini (6a3)
  • Sally Smart (6a1)
  • Francesca Heath (6a10)
  • Molly Entwistle (6a3)
  • Easham Manzar (6a4)
  • Sarah Lonergan (6a10)

Our Daily Bread Retreat – Craig Lodge, Dalmally

From Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 June a number of our pupils, S2-S6,  attended the ‘Our Daily Bread’ retreat at Craig Lodge, Dalmally.  Below are some pupil reflections of their experience.

This week we had the fantastic opportunity to take part in ‘Our Daily Bread’ retreat in Craig Lodge, Dalmally (the birth place of Mary’s Meals).  Though we only had a few days there, each one was jam packed with prayer, music, fun and lots of food!  We were fortunate enough to have both Father Stephen and Monsignor Monaghan with us, meaning we were able to celebrate mass and participate in Confession during our stay.  The team at Craig Lodge made us feel welcome from the moment we walked through the door and shared the story of their faith journey leading them to Dalmally, and during small group sessions helped us in reflecting on our own journey.  As well as these times of prayer and reflection (where we discussed what it is to know about Jesus), we also had the opportunity to feel star struck while meeting the founder of Mary’s Meals – Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, sing along with Paul and his guitar, play a very intense game of Capture the Flag, take part in Prayer Ministries and, of course, meet Maya the dog.  Overall it was a very enriching experience and has helped to bring us closer together as a group and to God.

Poppy Rose Wright (6a6)

I really enjoyed my trip to Craig Lodge Retreat Centre in Dalmally.  It really enlightened my faith and I feel spiritually cleansed.  The first thing we did when we arrived was ice-breakers, getting to know each other and playing games. We got a lot of motivational speeches but my favourite was by Magnus MacFarlane-barrow, founder of Mary’s Meals.  He showed us a very moving film called ‘Child 31’ which highlights poverty in certain African countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Sudan.  That night they gave us rice and porridge for dinner to show us what poor children would eat (we were given pizza later!).

On the second day we celebrated Mass before breakfast which was a nice way to start the day.  We then did a 3 hour hill climb where and on the top of the hill was the Stations of the Cross.  At every station we said a prayer.  Although windy this was a very special experience.  In the evening we played capture the flag in the woods in the dark.

On the whole I would recommend this retreat to everyone.  The staff were amazing, food was great and I have made friends for life.  The priests were very involved in all our activities and the teachers were awesome too!

Samuel Sheridan (2a4)

My trip to Craig Lodge was amazing and will change my life forever. I have learnt lots about my faith through the excellent presentations by members of the Craig Lodge community. Craig Lodge is the birth place of Mary’s Meals, an inspiring charity that helps children in poverty to have a meal a day and access to education.

My highlight of the trip was walking up the large hill and going through the Stations of the Cross.  The reason why I loved it so much was because it was re-enacting Jesus’ journey before he was crucified.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the founder of Mary’s Meals, spoke to all of us.  His talk was very inspiring and helped me to understand more about how Mary’s Meals came about.

Overall the experience at Dalmally was great.  I loved Paul’s songs, all the games we played and the group discussions.  The staff were really nice and the staff and Monsignor Monaghan and Father Stephen were amazing as well.

Daniel Whyte (2a4)

Recently, a group of S2-S6 pupils had the profound privilege of spending time together on a retreat at Craig Lodge in Dalmally. We were fortunate enough to be offered this opportunity and we all agreed that it was one of the best experiences we have ever had.

One of the best aspects of the retreat was the setting in the beautiful Argyle countryside. As soon as we arrived, we all felt a long way from all the stresses and strains and business of our everyday lives. We were given a wonderful welcome by the volunteers at Craig Lodge and we were even lucky enough to meet Magnus McFarlane Barrow and his family.

Another pleasant discovery was how well pupils from S2 –S6 mixed and got on with each other. We all had a lot of fun and made great memories – none of us will ever pass each other in a corridor at school! In fact we all got on so well that we were probably still awake and talking long after Mr Bradshaw would have liked!

We were so blessed to be accompanied by Monsignor Monaghan, and Fr Stephen who led us in prayer and celebrated Mass. We had Eucharistic Adoration and were joined by Bishop McGhee for The Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Bishop was very friendly and welcoming and he told me that his family come from the same place in Donegal as mine!

We are all very grateful to Mr Bradshaw for arranging this opportunity for us – it was a really great experience and we were all very sad when it was time to go home.

Floreat Iuventus

Bried McBride (2a1)

HSK Chinese Proficiency Test

St Ninian’s High School is an official test centre in the United Kingdom for Chinese Proficiency Tests. The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is an official examination, designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers, from beginners to advanced level. It is an internationally recognized standard, used to assess a student’s Chinese language level and success therein can help those students when applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship and the Hanban Beijing Trip. It is also accepted by universities in China as proof of Chinese proficiency. The HSK tests include the skills of writing, listening and reading.

Many congratulations to the following pupils who attended the HSK 1  Chinese Proficiency Test in April 2019 and achieved a pass:

  • Sofia Bowman (4a8)
  • Hope Leahy (5a3)
  • Niamh McWilliams (5a5)
  • Grace Kelly (5a4)
  • Oonagh O’Sullivan (5a10)
  • Ciara Heather (5a5)
  • Cameron Smith (5a2)
  • Oscar Aronowski (5a3)
  • Gavin Tracey (5a3)

This is an outstanding achievement for our pupils who have worked incredibly hard in preparation for the HSK test. Well done!

Scottish Schools Cheerleading Success

A huge well done to the following pupils who represented the school at the Cheer Festival in Aberdeen this weekend.

The team competed against club and school teams from across Scotland, placing first in both Pom Dance and Level 2 Cheer. More photos and videos of the teams can be viewed on Twitter @stninianshighpe

  • Eva Drummond (2a1)
  • Evie Deehan (2a4)
  • Francesca Dunn (2a4)
  • Rosie Fraser (2a3)
  • Lucie McLaughlin (2a8)
  • Ryan McBride (2a10)
  • Olivia Darroch (2a4)
  • Eve MacFarlane (3a5)
  • Hannah Falconer (3a1)
  • Katie Kerr (3a1)
  • Lucia Samuels (3a4)
  • Megan Doig (3a9)
  • Stephanie Clarke (3a5)
  • Grace Leddy (3a1)
  • Alex Keenan (3a10)
  • Mairead McBride (4a10)
  • Camille McLaughlin (4a10)
  • Sofia Fraioli (5a10)
  • Rebekah Cameron (6a4)
  • Laura Campbell (6a7)
  • Katie McManus (6a8)
  • Arianna Fraioli (6a6)
  • Rhianna Issac (6a6)
  • Olly Hughes (6a7)
  • Caitlin Welsh (6a6)
  • Ella Loffler (6a2)

Scottish Schools’ Athletics Track & Field Championships

A huge well done to all pupils who competed at the Scottish Schools’ Athletics Track & Field Championships.

Rachel Callan, Morgan MacDougall, Caroline McConnell, Eoghan O’Donnell, Nuala O’Donnell, Kate Paul, Isla Scott and Hugh Shiels.

Congratulations to the pupils below who qualified for finals at the event.

  • Isla Scott – 800m – Bronze
  • Morgan MacDougall – Pole Vault – Silver
  • Kate Paul – 1500m – Fourth
  • Rachel Callan – 300m – Fourth
  • Rachel Callan – 300m Hurdles – Fifth
  • Rachel Callan – Triple Jump – Fourth

A huge well done to our girls relay team who qualified for the final of the U17 Scottish Schools 4x100m relay and finished in Fifth place.



East Renfrewshire Athletics Championships Results

Well done to all pupils who competed at the East Renfrewshire Athletics Championships on Thursday 30 May.

Congratulations to our medal winners named below.


  • Daisie Bowers – 100m – Bronze
  • Daisie Bowers – 200m – Bronze
  • Stelli Coyne – Shot Put – Bronze
  • Ailey Fraser – 800m – Gold
  • Esme Dougall – 800m – Silver
  • Lucy Moynihan – 1500m – Silver
  • James Mowat – 1500m – Silver
  • Frankie Bradley – 100m – Gold
  • Jamie Pollock – 800m – Silver
  • Frankie Bradley – 800m – Silver
  • S1 Boys Relay Team – Gold


  • Josie Reilly – 200m – Silver
  • Josie Reilly – 300m – Gold
  • Millie McGeehan – 800m – Gold
  • Nuala O’Donnell – 800m – Silver
  • Kate Paul – 1500m – Gold
  • Michael Nolan – 1500m – Gold
  • Dominic Munro – 400m – Silver
  • Hassan Asrar – Long Jump – Bronze
  • Mark McCabe – Shot Put – Silver
  • S2 Girls Team Relay – Bronze


  • Caroline McConnell – 100m – Gold
  • Isla Scott – 800m – Gold
  • Hugh Shiels – 800m – Silver
  • S3 Boys Team Relay – Bronze
  • S3 Girls Team Relay – Gold





U15 Scottish Shield Success

On Friday 7 June St Ninian’s U15 football team won the Scottish Schools’ Football Association U15 Scottish Shield with a 1-0 victory over Kilmarnock Academy. A cool finish from Marc Capaldi was enough to win the match.

The success is the sixth national title for St Ninian’s High School in five years. This is an outstanding achievement and highlights the progress and success that has been achieved over the past five years by our football teams.

National/International Achievements

  • U14 Scottish Shield Champions (2014)
  • U16 Scottish Shield Champions (2016)
  • U14 Scottish Shield Champions (2016)
  • U14 Scottish Shield Champions (2017)
  • Allen McKinstry Cup – British and Irish Champions (2017)
  • U15 Scottish Shield Champions (2019)


Ross Hamilton, Liam Sheridan, Aiden McLaughlin (c), Ruairidh MacDonald, Patrick O’Hara, Patrick Foxworthy, Nathan Pope, Marc Capaldi, James McLaughlin, Chris Mahon, James Hazzlett, Sean Fyfe, Mitchell Coyne, Joe Sexton, Lewis Wilson, Josh McDaid, Matthew Carroll, Chris MacBride, Rico De Marco, John Hughes, Niall McAndrew and Michael Moynihan.

Centenary of Catholic Education Primary Essay Competition

This week all new Second Year pupils were given a copy of the Saint Ninian’s Primary Essay Competition Booklet that marked the Centenary of Catholic Education.

During 2018 the young people of Primary 7 from our associated primary schools, Our Lady of the Missions, Saint Cadoc’s, Saint Joseph’s and Primary 6 pupils from Saint Clare’s, submitted an essay on one of the titles below as part of our commemoration of the ‘1918– 2018 Centenary of Catholic Education in Scotland.’ The topics were:

  1. The motto of Saint Ninian’s is “Floreat Iuventus” which means “Let Youth Flourish”. How has your Catholic education helped you to flourish?
  2. Describe a teacher who has cared for you and inspired you to become a good person.
  3. Why is it important for us to learn about Jesus and the Church?
  4. Growing in responsibility.
  5. Why I pray.
  6. How I put my faith into action.

The booklet containing all of the essays can be viewed here:

Saint Ninian’s High School Centenary of Catholic Education Primary Essay Competition Booklet

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

Over the last few weeks, 72 pupils have braved everything the Scottish countryside had to throw at them in order to successfully complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions. Each expedition involved walking roughly 25km over two days and camping with absolutely no amenities other than what they carried on their backs. Every single pupil has shown exceptional resilience and teamwork, to keep going no matter how hard it got.

Congratulations to all involved, they have earned a weekend of rest and relaxation.

S1 Peer Awards

Peer Awards give pupils the opportunity to recognise their fellow pupils talents in four categories:  Successful Learner, Effective Contributor, Responsible Citizen and Confident Individual.

On Thursday 30 May we held a special assembly to present the awards.  Congratulations to all of the winners and runners up who were presented with their awards by Monsignor Monaghan.

St Ninian’s High School S6 Mass of Thanksgiving and Graduation, Friday 7 June 2019

Date:  Friday 7 June 2019

Time: Pupils should arrive at 6.15 pm and be seated at 6.30pm. This will allow for various admin tasks to be carried out before the Mass and Graduation begin.

Graduation Mass at 7pm. There will be a buffet and refreshments available after the service.

Photographer:  Pupils will have their photo taken by the professional photographer as they graduate.

The photographer will also be available in the forum after the service for those who wish to purchase a Family or Group photo.

Dress Code:  Full School Uniform

SmartSTEMs Conference

Well done to the First Year girls who took the opportunity to attend the University of the West of Scotland SmartSTEMs Active Conference on Tuesday 28 May.

With a shortfall of STEM graduates in the UK, particularly women, in the engineering and technology areas, University of the West of Scotland and SmartSTEMs recognise that we must continue our efforts to inspire and support the progression of females, into both STEM related education and employment.

The event programme included guest speakers and interactive workshops.  The experience for the girls was challenging, inspiring and lots of fun!

Caritas Award Winners 2019

“Love – caritas – is an extraordinary force. . .”

The Pope Benedict XVI Caritas Award encourages and promotes the ongoing faith journey of young people. It recognises that some are already active and committed within their homes, schools, parishes and Dioceses and it invites others to respond to God’s call of love. It supports and celebrates the faith witness which young people give within their communities.

Well done to the S6 pupils who successfully achieved the Caritas Award and were presented with these at a glittering awards ceremony at the Clyde Auditorium on Tuesday 28 May.  Guests of Honour were Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and John Swinney Deputy First Minister, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.

S1 First Aid Learning

Well done to our First Year pupils who have all completed a basic First Aid course delivered by the British Red Cross.

The course itself is designed to help young people learn first aid through engaging videos and case studies, using realistic scenarios to explore the feelings of people in need of assistance, helpers, bystanders, or friends and family in different first aid situations.

All First Year pupils will receive their certificates this week.

Bin It! Roadshow

On Wednesday 15 May all First Year pupils attended an interactive performance called Bin It! delivered by the Rapport group.  The aim of the show is to help students understand why it is important to take personal responsibility for correct litter disposal by raising awareness of the environmental costs and social issues surrounding discarded litter.

In addition, First Year pupils have participated in ‘litter sweeps’ over the last few weeks around the school grounds and in the surrounding streets.

Barista Skills Training Programme

We are delighted that St Ninian’s High School has been successful in securing places on the highly regarded Barista Training Programme at Eastwood Park Café. The café and programme are run by the Greenhouse Community who serve to better the training opportunities for life and work.

At the heart of Greenhouse is an emphasis on robust and relevant training. The majority of staff members have a coaching or teaching background and are well equipped to tailor their approach according to each trainee and their requirements. The employability program seeks to give individuals with a broad range of skills that will eventually allow them to undertake permanent employment. Students will be regularly monitored and reports given on trainees’ progress, which further strengthens each individual’s confidence in their own abilities.  Furthermore, as Greenhouse is an approved SQA centre, they can deliver accredited courses and awards. This further enhances the training program and strengthens their ability to make a meaningful, positive impact on the local community.

The 38-week ‘Introduction to Barista Skills’ course is designed for delivery over a school term. As a precursor we have arranged a trial session for a number of pupils which will provide a taster of what to expect from the course.  Well done to Joy (S1), Louis (S3), Jamal (S4), Alistair (S4) and Antonio (S1) for their excellent participation in the trial course.


First Year Badges of Excellence

Congratulations and well done to our S1 pupils who were awarded Badges of Excellence for their high levels of Effort, Behaviour and Homework during their first year in our school.

Aliya Ahmed (1a2), Isaac Akinyemi (1a9), Pragna Aluri (1a10), Pranav Aluri (1a4), Zayan Amanat (1a5), John Anderson (1a4), Beth Armstrong (1a2), Munib Azim (1a6), Areeba Babar (1a10), Hannah Barrett (1a3), Sophie Barrett (1a10), Ava Bell (1a3), Kurtis Bennett (1a10), Krish Bhasin (1a10), Alena Bhatti (1a3), Jessica Blackmore (1a5), Sarah Bone (1a6), Jamie Bowes (1a3), Hannah Boyle (1a2), Sally Bradley (1a2), Meghan Burns (1a4), Katie Callaghan (1a3), Grace Cameron (1a9), Natalia Carroll (1a9), Rebekah Cent (1a4), Labecca Chishti (1a10), Cameron Clancy (1a3), Alana Connolly (1a6), Orla Conroy (1a4), David Creighton (1a9), Olivia Darroch (1a4), Rebecca Darroch (1a5), Evie Deehan (1a4), Aidan Docherty (1a10), Patrick Doherty (1a2), Elle Dollin (1a10), Erin Donaldson (1a4), Esme Dougall (1a3), Eva Drummond (1a1), Katy Drummond (1a7), Eoin Duffy (1a10), Alexander Duncan (1a2), Pearse Duncan (1a4), Francesca Dunn (1a4), Luke Dunseath (1a10), Amna Farid (1a5), Lauryn Fay (1a4), Amaya Fee (1a7), Eva Finnigan (1a7), Juliet Flanagan (1a10), Ailey Fraser (1a1), Rosie Fraser (1a3), Jack Gallagher (1a6), Sarah Gallagher (1a8), Ciara Gannon (1a7), Matteo Gomez (1a10), Jack Gormley (1a6), Serafina Green (1a5), Taha Hafeez (1a4), Claudia Hamill (1a8), Ava Hannah (1a4), Haaris Haq (1a8), Kate Harvey (1a1), Millie Harvey (1a2), Nuala Houston (1a9), Amna Hussain (1a7), Anthony Igoe (1a5), Aoibhinn Inglis (1a9), Sarah Innes (1a2), Yousuf Javed (1a5), Orlagh Kelly (1a9), Ismael Khan (1a5), Catherine King (1a5), Milena Krizova (1a6), Eve Lawson (1a9), Ellen Leahy-Kelly (1a2), Sarah Lindsay (1a1), Danielle Livingston (1a2), Paul Lyons (1a8), Paul MacKinnon (1a6), Hajra Mahmood (1a5), Niamh Markey (1a8), Niamh Martin (1a7), Lori McAllister (1a3), Sarah McCargo (1a8), Keira McCue (1a8), Orla McDonald (1a9), Jack McFadden (1a3), Neve McGlashan (1a2), Manus McGrogan (1a3), Ella McHugh (1a5), Orla McIlwham (1a4), Neilla McIntyre (1a4), Niamh McIntyre (1a5), Lucie McLaughlin (1a8), Orla McLaughlin (1a10), Roisin McLaughlin (1a5), Martha McMahon (1a6), Madeline McNee (1a7), Ewan Menzies (1a6), Abi Monaghan (1a8), Calum Morrison (1a3), Lucy Moynihan (1a7), Isla Mulholland (1a3), Olivia Mulligan (1a3), Freeja Nolan (1a7), Annabelle Nordmann (1a7), Christopher O’Reilly (1a7), Galen Paterson (1a6), Bethany Patterson (1a2), Alessandro Pesiri (1a10), Jamie Pollock (1a3), Katie Porter (1a6), Jake Powell (1a2), Juwairiyah Rahmat (1a9), Eva Reilly (1a9), Lewis Ritchie (1a5), Millie Ross (1a3), Romaan Shahrukh (1a5), Areej Shaukat (1a5), Samuel Sheridan (1a4), Hollie Sinclair (1a3), Emily Slater (1a9), Erina Smith (1a6), Finlay Spooner (1a4), Sophie Stewart (1a4), Rameen Sumdani (1a5), Maeve Sweeney (1a2), Philippa Taggart (1a1), Eva Terry (1a9), Christopher Tunn (1a6), Eliza Turner (1a5), Ava Wallace (1a2), Daniel Whyte (1a4), Grace Whyte (1a10), Zara William (1a10), Mia Wilson (1a10) and Mhairi Zing (1a6).

Primary 7 Induction Day Success

Well done to all Primary 7 pupils who attended the induction day on Wednesday 22 May.  All had a great day taking part in the ‘Mini School Day’ which consisted of activities from subjects they will be studying in First Year.

They also took part in a number of sporting activities.  Thanks to Physical Education Staff, Giffnock Hockey, Pro Judo Glasgow, GHA Rugby and Giffnock Tennis Club for delivering excellent sessions for the pupils.

Finally, pupils met a Pastoral Support Teacher who discussed key information.

Overall it was a fantastic day and we look forward to welcoming the pupils permanently in August.

Primary 7 pupils and parents should continue to check their dedicated website for news and information.

S1 2019-20 website

Vocational Course Success

Congratulations to Sterling Lam (6a4) who has been nominated for an award from Glasgow Kelvin College on completion of his Uniformed & Emergency Services vocational courses.

Congratulations also to Anna Walker (6a6) and Rebecca Yates (6a7) who will be graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University on completion of their Fashion Branding Retailing vocational course.

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