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Midweek Reflection

1st December 2021

In the late 1970’s I was chaplain at St John Ogilvie’s Primary School in Paisley.  I can’t remember what my point was but I remember asking what shape a pyramid was.  One wee boy put up his hand and said, “Father, they are square.”  I said, “Do you not mean triangle?”  “No,” he said, “Not if you fly over them!  A bright spark if ever there was one.  The astonishing thing is that they, like the sphinx’s have stood the test of time.  Think of the number of bridges and buildings that you have seen disappear.  Think of the number of churches that have been demolished.  Man-made structures seem doomed to  be destroyed.  Look at how coastlines, like melting icebergs, fall away into the sea.  In the Scriptures recently we read how God wanted the prophet Daniel to tell King Nebuchadnezzar that his precious kingdom would undergo destruction.

Great rulers have been born, exercised authority and power and died only to be replaced by another.  Even the great Temple of Jerusalem was destined not to last. Sadly, there will come a day when our churches and schools will be no longer.  Not even St Peter’s Basilica will last forever.  Only God can build a kingdom that will not be destroyed.   During the Season of Advent we urged  to place our faith in Christ the King. Live with Jesus in your life, praying and receiving the sacraments, especially confession and the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord and you will have eternal life.

Monsignor Monaghan

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