HSK Chinese Proficiency Test

St Ninian’s High School is an official test centre in the United Kingdom for Chinese Proficiency Tests. The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is an official examination, designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers, from beginners to advanced level. It is an internationally recognized standard, used to assess a student’s Chinese language level and success therein can help those students when applying for the Confucius Institute Scholarship and the Hanban Beijing Trip. It is also accepted by universities in China as proof of Chinese proficiency. The HSK tests include the skills of writing, listening and reading.

Many congratulations to the following pupils who attended the HSK 1  Chinese Proficiency Test in April 2019 and achieved a pass:

  • Sofia Bowman (4a8)
  • Hope Leahy (5a3)
  • Niamh McWilliams (5a5)
  • Grace Kelly (5a4)
  • Oonagh O’Sullivan (5a10)
  • Ciara Heather (5a5)
  • Cameron Smith (5a2)
  • Oscar Aronowski (5a3)
  • Gavin Tracey (5a3)

This is an outstanding achievement for our pupils who have worked incredibly hard in preparation for the HSK test. Well done!

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