Scottish Schools Cheerleading Success

A huge well done to the following pupils who represented the school at the Cheer Festival in Aberdeen this weekend.

The team competed against club and school teams from across Scotland, placing first in both Pom Dance and Level 2 Cheer. More photos and videos of the teams can be viewed on Twitter @stninianshighpe

  • Eva Drummond (2a1)
  • Evie Deehan (2a4)
  • Francesca Dunn (2a4)
  • Rosie Fraser (2a3)
  • Lucie McLaughlin (2a8)
  • Ryan McBride (2a10)
  • Olivia Darroch (2a4)
  • Eve MacFarlane (3a5)
  • Hannah Falconer (3a1)
  • Katie Kerr (3a1)
  • Lucia Samuels (3a4)
  • Megan Doig (3a9)
  • Stephanie Clarke (3a5)
  • Grace Leddy (3a1)
  • Alex Keenan (3a10)
  • Mairead McBride (4a10)
  • Camille McLaughlin (4a10)
  • Sofia Fraioli (5a10)
  • Rebekah Cameron (6a4)
  • Laura Campbell (6a7)
  • Katie McManus (6a8)
  • Arianna Fraioli (6a6)
  • Rhianna Issac (6a6)
  • Olly Hughes (6a7)
  • Caitlin Welsh (6a6)
  • Ella Loffler (6a2)

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