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St Luke’s High School Wider Achievement Catalogue

Wider Achievement recognises the life and work skills that are gained from taking part in activities outside of the classroom. These achievements can come from learning within the school, home and wider community and can cover a wide variety of activities ranging from hobbies, volunteering to recognised award programmes.
This helps develop skills for learning, life and work and can be invaluable for our young people as they grow up.

See the St Luke’s High School Wider Achievement Catalogue for clubs and opportunities for our young people.

St Luke's High School Wider Achievement Opportunities Catalogue

School Closures 24th March 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s and First Minister’s broadcasts on Monday night, it is very clear that it is even more essential that we minimise the numbers of pupils and staff coming into schools to help reduce the social contact across the country in an attempt to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Our procedures for supporting Key Workers began on Monday 23rd March.  However with the very small numbers involved, both in St Luke’s High school and across the authority, it has now been decided by the local authority to close all secondary schools with effect from Tuesday 24th March at 3pm.

The arrangements to support  Key Workers will still be in place but any St Luke’s High school pupils will from Wednesday be accommodated in Carlibar Primary as the Hub School for all pupils meeting the criteria.

We will follow strictly the guidelines that this offer is only open when both parents fall into the categories identified by the Scottish Government and only during periods when they are both at work.

Only the pupils identified as meeting the criteria should attend school and even in that case, only as a last resort.

Many of you have already made alternative arrangements and we appreciate your support with this.  If this is not possible, and you do meet the criteria and still require to send your child, please contact the school directly on so we can plan to have staff present at Carlibar to cover from Wednesday .

If anyone’s requirements change over the next week until the Easter holidays begin, please contact the school directly on school email.

Staff continue to provide learning resources via Google Classroom and faculty websites on a daily basis.  Any pupils who have forgotten their password should alert us through school mail and this can be reset for them.   We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and messages throughout this very difficult time.

Eyes Open Campaign 2019


Child Protection Committees Scotland’s Eyes Open campaign 2019

Everyone is urged to keep their #EyesOpen for children at risk during the school summer holidays. A new @CPCScotland campaign says we can all do our bit to protect children

@CPCScotland’s new #EyesOpen campaign urges everyone to look out for vulnerable wee people in the holidays. See something? Do something.

If you’re worried about a child during the school holidays, it’s better to say something than do nothing. @CPCScotland urges everyone to keep their #EyesOpen for children at risk

All of us can keep Scotland’s children safe from harm in the school holidays by taking an #EyesOpen approach

A new @CPCScotland summer campaign encourages everyone to help protect vulnerable children in the school holidays. If you’re worried, say something. #EyesOpen

For further information see Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection website.