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My Space Story by Shaun Higgins

It was a scary experience. It all started when I got on my spaceship. I thought we were going to Mars but I landed on Jupiter. I was surrounded by aliens. Then I saw another spaceship. I decided to go back to Earth but the person was an alien so we became friends. Finally I landed back on Earth. At least I got home with my friends and don’t forget my alien friends too. We lived happily ever after. Then the alien made a noise that sounded like like vuvuvuvuhh!

My Space Story by Lucy Devine

It all started when I was a little girl. I always wanted to be famous but my mum wouldn’t let me but my dad did so I went to space. Next I got on the spaceship and then they did the count down 3-2-1 blast off! I went to the moon. Then I saw an alien. I said “hello” and it said “hello” back to me. It asked me if I wanted to go on the spaceship. I said “ok”. There was buttons everywhere and the clock was purple. After that we played tig. Next, we went to see the Earth and then we played ball. Then we went to see the sun. It was so cool but then I had to go. Before I went the alien gave me a banjo. Finally I went home.

My Space Story by Ava McAleer

It was a scary experience. It all started when the spaceship was counting down. 3-2-1 GO! I watched with my space friends and we saw the moon, the stars and most of all, small green things. When we landed, we went over to see what it was? A sneaky alien came. I got really scared but he was a nice alien. I asked “what is your name?” He said my name is Carl. I had so much fun with him but it was time for me to go. I said goodbye and I went back on my spaceship.


The Tay Tiger’s Trip by Aidan Smith

Once upon a time there was a baby tiger. He was a sweet and joyful tiger. He decided to go for a trip to the new planet play. Then he went down the big slippery shute and on the bouncy castle. Soon he went to the park, it was the big park! He climbed up the high climbing frame and he went on to the big swings but he missed his family. Finally he went back to his house to see his family and his cousin.


Teddy’s Day Out by Erin McKeag

Once upon a time there was a brown, soft and fluffy teddy. Teddy lived in a nursery. His friends were nine ponies called Fluttershy, Twilight-Sparkle, Pinky-Pie, Princess Celsetia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Rainbow-dash, Rarity and Apple-Jack. He was also friends with one baby dragon called Spike.
One night teddy had an amazing dream. His dream was about going off on an adventure to a castle and in his dream he learned how to ice-skate with a princess. So the very next morning he went to a castle because he had escaped out of the window. At the castle he met a Princess just like in his dream. The Princess played with teddy for a wee while.
Then they went to an ice-rink. Next the Princess taught him how to ice-skate. His dream had come true. Finally it was time to go home but he had forgot his way back to the nursery. The Princess showed Teddy that she was magic and with a flash of sparkles he was back at the nursery but to his surprise he was sitting on a throne. He was the King! Well, an exhausted King!

Teddy’s Day Out by Luke Docherty

A few years ago there was a big brown teddy who lived in the school cupboard. First he was bored so he got out of the cupboard. Next he went to Judo class and his team won. Then he decided to go hillwalking to get some good exercise. When he got to the first hill he felt incredibly hungry so he had some ready salted crisps. After that he got up the first hill and the second hill. He was just about to go up the last hill when he saw a fireman. Afterwards the fireman said, ‘Come here, you bear!’ and the fireman started chasing him. Finally he went back to the quiet school cupboard.

Rufus Dufus by Jennifer Jones

Long, very long and oh I mean very long ago in a small faraway place.

 Wait sorry, it was actually not that long ago not that far away, and this place isn’t even that small. There were two very brave and courageous heroes that protected the town people from an evil villain under the name of Dr. Evil, but they both left (it’s a long story). Then a new hero came to town, a very special dog called Rufus Dufus.
Rufus is a dog with a secret that he doesn’t even know yet, and it is a very interesting secret indeed…
Let me tell you what he looks like. He has dark brown fur and light brown features. He has two long stretched ears and a big round nose, with a small light brown patch on his thin tummy and a tail that is always sticking up.
One special day as Rufus proudly and confidently strutted into the town he wasn’t paying that much attention and ran into a chick.
“Hey are you trying to ram into me!?” the angered chick shouted.
“No” Rufus quickly blurted out.
“Oh, you didn’t mean to. Well I’m Chick.”
“I’m Rufus,” he whimpered as he was still a little scared of Chick. Then he saw his face and realised that he actually had a really friendly smile and he wasn’t that worried anymore.
“Sorry if I scared you Rufus,” Chick apologised.
“Oh it’s ok,” Rufus happily replied now smiling himself.  
Chick was a round oval sort of shape, with shiny yellow fur, a small beak, an orange patch on his slightly puffy belly and a spiky orange tuft of hair on his head.
“Hey Chick who are you talking to?” a pretty girl asked him as she walked over to meet them in the street at the entrance of the town.
“Lucy, meet Rufus,” Chick introduced.
“Hi Rufus, I’m Lucy,” she giggled
“Oh, and I’m in love.” Rufus mumbled.
“What did you just say?” Lucy asked with concern.
“Nothing,” he shouted quickly and guiltily.
Lucy is a tall, pretty girl with kind, loving blue eyes, rosy red cheeks and a gentle, soft smile. She wears a frilly, pink top and a floaty blue skirt.  
“Rufus, do you have somewhere to stay?” Chick asked.
“No,” Rufus sighed in a depressed tone.
“Oh you don’t, well you could come and stay with me and Chick for the time being,” Lucy offered happily.
“If you don’t mind,” Rufus said modestly.
“It would not be a problem at all,” Chick replied.
So they all started walking up the long street, past the big local park that had a massive slide, swings, a crazy climbing frame and a super spinney roundabout and which was currently filled with lots of people; then passing the local newsagent ‘newsy’ which had just about every sweet you could think of, thousands of newspapers and comics galore; and finally to the big brown and red brick building at the end of the long street.
As the three of them walked in through the ginormous glass doors of the building Chick and Lucy saw Rufus’s face light up with happiness.
The lobby of the building was beautiful. It was lit by very bright, giant hanging diamond chandeliers and sitting in it were lots of lovely looking orange couches. There was a midnight black carpet that covered the whole floor, and also a big silver clock on the orange painted wall.  
The next day Lucy was showing Rufus around their apartment which was actually really big, and they were in Lucy’s pink bedroom when Chick shouted,
“Hey Rufus, come help me lift this new chair inside, I’m outside by the way.”
So Rufus ran outside to help give Chick a boost and they finally got it inside. The new chair was a pretty light purple and extremely comfy to sit on.
Remember the two heroes I mentioned at the start though, they were, wait for it…
Rufus’s parents but of course Rufus didn’t know that, he thought he didn’t have any parents.
His parents didn’t expect to have a son and when they had him they could not risk Dr. Evil knowing about him so they gave him to a nice family up in the mountain with strict orders to keep him away from the city. The mountain family said they were happy to keep the child and offered some money for him but Rufus’s parents said,
“No, you do not need to pay, please just keep our child from the city.”
So the family agreed and took the child.
I bet you’re wondering how Rufus got to the town then?
Well he loved his ‘parents’ but he was getting fed up of the house, he had never been truly outside, rolled on the grass, ran around kicking a ball, climbed a tree and many other things because he was never allowed, and looking out the small square window in the little cottage he saw the big town faintly below him. So decided to sneak out and go explore.
That is what happened, but the only confusion is why did the superheroes leave the town?
Well it wasn’t to do with Rufus coming but it was to do with Rufus’s family. Not his mountain family though. Rufus knew that his mountain family were not his real family he just didn’t know where his real family were or even who they were.
Lucy ran into the room and shouted,
“The superheroes, they’re gone!!!”
“Oh no!” shouted Chick. “This is a major disaster!!”
Meanwhile Rufus was sitting confused at everything they were saying thinking that it was some sort of joke. Then Chick noticed that Rufus looked really confused,
“Lucy, I can see Rufus is quite confused, I will run to the store and you explain what’s happening!”
“Ok,” Lucy replied.
So Chick left closing the big brown wooden door to their apartment and Lucy started to explain. “You see Rufus,” she started, “there is a mad evil scientist who wants to rule the world, but he was just starting with this city. There were two superheroes that protected us from him, but that’s what I was talking about. They have disappeared and without their protection Dr. Evil can go through with one of his evil plans. This happened once before and you know they came back just in time before something very bad happened. I was a baby at the time.”
Lucy went on, “I’ll tell you something my grandma told me, that one of the heroes had said to her,
‘My love is in the mountain, safe from harm,’ kind of cheesy, eh?”
“Ahhhhh,” Rufus sighed.
“Wow! You know I just came down from the mountains,” he exclaimed. “That is where my fake parents live,” he told Lucy.
“So do you know your real parents?” Lucy asked confused.
“No, I have no idea who or where they are,” Rufus replied in a sad voice.
Then the both of them started to cry.
The next minute Chick burst through the door with a BANG!!! He shouted “Why are you two crying!? HELP ME!!!!!” They both noticed that Chick was being pulled away. Lucy and Rufus ran to help. They saw that a gigantic, silver metal robot was gripped onto his ankles pulling him away, they pulled and pulled Chick but the robot was too strong and he went flying out the door.
Lucy and Rufus were unsure what to do next. So they shut the big door and locked it and decided it would probably be best to stay in the house for a while in case there were any more robots.
Then they heard a knock at the door, so Lucy went over to it and she opened it a tiny bit.
“Hel-lo, it’s m-e Ch-ick.”
Only, it didn’t sound like Chick. It was a robot disguised as him!
“Is it really you?” Lucy asked through the slightly open door. “How did you get away from that big robot?” she enquired.
“I di-dn’t!” the robot bellowed, and with that he (or it I should say) broke through the door, grabbed Lucy and picked her up by the waist. She screamed in alarm but, remember Rufus was there.
He was bubbling with anger and shot up in the air and then he heard Lucy say,
“Rufus, you must be the ‘love’ that was hidden in the mountain.”
“You have your powers, Rufus.”
“I guess I do,” he said.
“Go and save the town, Rufus!” Lucy shouted as the robot started walking off with her over its shoulder.
“Don’t worry about me!” she cried halfway down the hall.
“Ok,” Rufus replied with a single tear in his eye.
Then he turned round and smashed through the window and flew off to the building that had robots coming out of it.
“Ahh, hot!!” came a little cry.
Then Rufus came face to face with Dr. Evil.
Dr. Evil is a mad scientist who is always trying to take over the town with his bad inventions. He wears a black top under a white lab coat. He has black spiky hair on the top of his head and a little tuft of hair hanging on front of his face.
“Ahh, I’ve been expecting you Rufus. Oh and next time, please would you just knock at the door, see you don’t get anything out of breaking through my wall and plus you spilt my coffee all over me! I just made that and I didn’t even get to taste it!”
“Hello,” Rufus said, and just when Dr. Evil was talking on and on, Rufus saw someone floating outside, he saw the man’s finger move up to his lip so he stayed quiet and the next minute CRASH!!
The man smashed through the wall and attacked Dr. Evil.
“Rufus!” the man shouted.
“Stop the robot machine!”
“No!” Dr. Evil cried through the man’s fingers.
Rufus went and broke the machine. Bits of it went flying everywhere and all the robots fell to the ground, but then he heard screaming.
“Rufus! Help me!!!”
He turned round and saw that Lucy was stuck in a gas chamber.
Rufus flew over to her and smashed the chamber letting her out.
“Thank you, Rufus!” Lucy said and she hugged him tight.
Rufus and Lucy looked round Dr. Evil’s lair and saw a cage filled with all the people he’d captured.
Next to the cage was a big silver key hanging from a hook.
Both Rufus and Lucy raced over to it, grabbed the key and then an alarm sounded and a massive cage dropped on the both of them.
“Ohhhh!!!” Lucy cried. “We’ll never get out of this!” but she was wrong…
“Lucy can I see that hair clip you have?” Rufus calmly asked.
“Sure,” Lucy handed it to him and he ran to the lock of the cage, reached through the bars and started fiddling.
“Yeah!!!” He shouted and grinned as the door of the cage swung open.
“Oh Rufus you saved us, thank you!!!” Lucy exclaimed.
Now that they were free and had the giant silver key they sped over to the cage filled with captured people and opened it. There was a whole lot of cheering and thanking and then they saw that Chick was safe.
As soon as Chick saw them he ran over and they had a giant group hug!
The man flew over to them.
He looked directly in Rufus’s eyes and said,
“Rufus…. I am your… FATHER!!
Rufus was so surprised.
“But, but… Is it really you?” he asked.
“Yes,” his Dad said.
“Your mother and I couldn’t risk Dr. Evil knowing about you.”
Then a pretty lady flew in and started crying.
“Oh, Rufus.” she said, tears dripping down her face.
“I’m your mother.”
Chick asked Rufus’s mother, “What’s that you’re holding?”
Suddenly Lucy cried, “IT’S A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!”