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My Space Story by Shaun Higgins

It was a scary experience. It all started when I got on my spaceship. I thought we were going to Mars but I landed on Jupiter. I was surrounded by aliens. Then I saw another spaceship. I decided to go back to Earth but the person was an alien so we became friends. Finally I landed back on Earth. At least I got home with my friends and don’t forget my alien friends too. We lived happily ever after. Then the alien made a noise that sounded like like vuvuvuvuhh!

My Space Story by Lucy Devine

It all started when I was a little girl. I always wanted to be famous but my mum wouldn’t let me but my dad did so I went to space. Next I got on the spaceship and then they did the count down 3-2-1 blast off! I went to the moon. Then I saw an alien. I said “hello” and it said “hello” back to me. It asked me if I wanted to go on the spaceship. I said “ok”. There was buttons everywhere and the clock was purple. After that we played tig. Next, we went to see the Earth and then we played ball. Then we went to see the sun. It was so cool but then I had to go. Before I went the alien gave me a banjo. Finally I went home.

My Space Story by Ava McAleer

It was a scary experience. It all started when the spaceship was counting down. 3-2-1 GO! I watched with my space friends and we saw the moon, the stars and most of all, small green things. When we landed, we went over to see what it was? A sneaky alien came. I got really scared but he was a nice alien. I asked “what is your name?” He said my name is Carl. I had so much fun with him but it was time for me to go. I said goodbye and I went back on my spaceship.