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P2 Meet the Teacher

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
Meeting Mrs McCulloch and finding out how the children have settled in as one class and what they have and will be doing.  I especially liked the way good behaviour is being rewarded/recognised.  Christopher will respond well to this.   Nothing!
It was very good to meet Mrs McCulloch.  It was a very informative night.  Very good to know the children have come together as one class without any issues.   Nothing, it was very informative.
Good to hear all about the running of the class and the types of opportunities the children will be involved in.  
Great to meet Mrs McCulloch in person.  Lovely to see the classroom and very reassuring to have an idea about the work being covered.  St John’s is as welcoming as ever!  

P1 Meet the Teacher Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
It was good to see what the children are doing in class and to meet my Daughter’s teacher. More notice for events in general.  Having taken time off in the first week for settling in etc., it was not possible to take time off on the Monday and the Wednesday for the P1 lunch.  With a bit more notice, this may have been possible.
Being able to understand what the children are learning and how it is taught.  Was great learning about Dojo points and what the children can do to earn them. Maybe circulate the dates earlier, before summer to arrange work commitments, but nothing really!
It was very useful and got to find out everything that will be happening in class and what I can do to help. It’s a nice way to meet the Teacher.
It was very informative.  I got some good tips when it comes to homework resources we can use.  It was nice to see the classroom and to hear about a typical week day.
Thank you for my invitation to meet you.  I enjoyed seeing and hearing what Mark will be doing.  I am still learning English and therefore probably missed a little information.

P3a Meet the Teacher Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
It was great to see the kids classroom and their work.  Mr Murray is very informative and I am sure he will be great and bring out each child’s individual talents in class.   Can’t think of anything!
It’s useful to see the class set up and find out how we can help at home with their learning.  
It was great to hear/see the progression from P2 to P3.  Lots of learning activities displayed around the classroom.  
Hearing exactly what the kids are doing in class.  It helps to know so that I can be better at homework time.  
Was great to meet Mr Murray in class, he’s very positive about children’s learning.  
Everything, it was really interesting.  Found out a lot.  The Teacher is really nice.   Not a thing.
Found today very helpful and informative, it was good to see class layout activities on the wall etc.  Homework information was informative and structured.  
It was interesting finding out about class life and strategies used for teaching pupils.  Good to see the child’s class environment and learning what is expected of homework etc.  PowerPoint was excellent.  
Got to meet the Teacher and hear about the work they will be doing and hear info about projects and homework.   Maybe introductions so the Teacher was aware who each parent was (Mr Murray probably knows this though).
Clear and simple approach.  It is good to know what children are going to do for the next school year.  
I enjoyed getting an insight to what the school year holds for the class.  The class looks great with the colourful posters and pictures of the kids.  




P7 Meet the Teacher Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
Very informative.  Very comfortable and lovely man.
Very good and happy to meet Dylan’s new teacher.  Looking forward to what Dylan can do for preparing for high school life. Nothing, was perfect!
It was a great opportunity to meet the new teacher and to get to know their work in P7.  A lot of useful information that was great. Nothing.
Concisely delivered talk, very informative! Can’t think of anything!
Lots of useful information.
The classroom space is very inviting and bright. Nothing.
It was good to see all the things that Emma has been talking about in her class since she started in P7.  It will be good to use the interactive tools.
Good to find out about everything that will happen in P7.  Very informative.
It’s good to see where the children learn. Nothing.
Very relaxed and informal, nice to see the classroom and the set up for P7.
Very informative and well presented.
Well presented. Don’t tell the children about the homework!
Was very good.  Found it very interesting.  Lots to find out, glad I came. Nothing.  The teacher was fab.  Found out all I needed to know and more!
I liked finding out about the curriculum my child will be following.  It seems to be a full on year!

what’s on at st john’s – w/c 29th August


Monday 29th
Primary 4 – ‘Meet the Teacher’, Mr Devlin at 3.30pm
Whole School – Photographs, individual and sibling

Tueday 30th
Primary 5 – ‘Meet the Teacher’, Mr Clark at 3.30pm

Wednesday 31st
Primary 6 – ‘Meet the Teacher’, Miss Dunsmuir at 3.30pm

Friday 2nd
Whole School – Outdoor learning master classes – children should bring an outdoor PE kit with them or old clothes!

Primary 6 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Feedback


Meet the Teacher

Primary 6

On Monday the 24th of August parents, guardians or family members were invited along to a Meet the Teacher event, below is a snap shot of the feedback left.

 “It was very interesting, the children all seem to have lots of great things to learn about and it all seems very good.”

“Informative, the year ahead seems very busy and fun.”

“Everything was great, it was so informative.  I hadn’t realised the variety of work covered, learning is so much fun nowadays.”

“Very informative. The busy schedule for Primary 6 was well explained and the interactive nature of the talk was really helpful.”

“Very informed.  Well-presented information.”

“It was very informative and good to know what and how the children are learning and what is expected from them.  Think this will be very encouraging.”