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Author Visit

Visit by Author, AH Proctor

 Thumble Tumble Book Series

– Follow the Adventure!

Primary 4, 5 and Primary 6 enjoyed a special visit from Angela Proctor this morning. Angela read from her book and also involved the children in some imagination games to really get there creative brains working!

More about the books 

The series is an excellent and imaginative tale set on the Isle of Arran following the adventures of a little witch, Thumble Tumble. The second book in the series of eight novels was published on Halloween with the first, Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist proving extremely popular for all primary aged children.


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Describing the Setting


Erin has been learning how to engage a reader by describing what she can see, touch, hear and smell.

Blossom World  By  Erin McKeag

As I looked all around me I could see blossoms everywhere that had fallen off the trees. To my right and to my left I could see thin, tall, brown blossom trees. Above me I could see the blue, crystal-clear, crisp, sky with fluffy white clouds, rolling in front of the sun. Underneath me I could hear the blossoms singing as I walked on them. What a magical place! I thought to myself. Suddenly out of nowhere a little girl about the same size as me appeared beside me (she was the blossom princess). She wore a white layered, puffy, long dress, it was pink with pink blossoms at the bottom. She was skipping alongside me. I was walking on a blossom path that had fallen from the trees. Then I looked up and saw that the clouds in the calm blue sky had turned pink, and funny little blossom men were walking about as well. They were humming happily. I could smell the sweet blossoms and flowers.