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P4 First Communion

Preparations are now well under way for the celebration of the Sacrament of First Holy Communion which, as you are aware, takes place on Saturday 12th May at 1pm. Our pupils have been working hard towards this and I am sure it will be a beautiful and very spiritual event.

Some additional information

Parents/Carers will accompany their child to the altar to receive the sacrament. This means that up to two seats will be reserved at the front of the Church for nominated persons per child. A seating plan is being organised to facilitate this and I would be grateful if you would return the attached slip you receive home tomorrow  by the 25th April. Other siblings should be seated with family members within the Church. During the final hymn the First Communicants will gather on the Altar for the official photograph. Following this they will meet with their parents to process down the aisle together.

Girls can wear veils as part of their outfit, if desired, however these should be worn back and not covering the face. Any accessories, such as gloves, bags etc should not be brought to their seats to avoid unnecessary distraction.

On 13th May at 10am Mass. our First Communicants can wear their outfits again and share their celebration with the wider Parish.

On the 3rd June children are invited to join the Parish for the Feast of Corpus Christi at 10am mass. Children can once again wear their outfits and are invited to lead the procession.