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P3b Discovery Day Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?   What could we do better?
I thought it was great to see all the work Meghan has done. Nothing.
It was great to see everything Sophie has been talking about.  Learning what CE means. Keep up the great work.
I enjoyed playing the dice game.  The children have been working so hard.  Roman numerals was fun.
It was very interesting and lovely to see how the children absorb all of the information.  Very well organised.
Very well organised.  All the kids are very excited to show us around and you created the spirit in them, well done.
We liked seeing what activities and learning Thomas has been doing in his project.
Well organised event, allowing the children to take the lead in showing off all their wonderful work.  Really enjoyed learning about the Romans and seeing how much my Daughter enjoyed the project.
Learning about the Roman Gods. Nothing, it was fantastic!
It was very informative and great seeing what the children are learning. Nothing, it was great!
Very interesting and informative.  Good to see the children enthusiastic.  They have been very busy! Somewhere to put coats.
I enjoyed seeing what the children had been learning.
I enjoyed seeing everything Ellie has been learning about recently.  It’s lovely to see how confident and settled she is in her class.
I loved seeing all the work about Romans.  Cameron has talked a lot about this project and we tasted the Roman bread which Cameron really liked.  He was very good at teaching me about Romans.
Lots of interesting information.  Very colourful.  Very educational/informative. More Roman bread! 🙂
Enjoyed looking at what children have been learning about and seeing their work. Some of the art work wasn’t named and we couldn’t find our child’s work.


P6 Discover Day Feedback

What did you like about today’s event?
Lots of the children’s work displayed in and around the classroom.  The children were very knowledgeable about all the different areas they have covered.  Artwork etc was fantastic.
It was great that the pupils were showing their parents everything they have been learning.
I loved seeing Anna & Rachel’s work.  Such a lot of hard work!  Their peg dolls were fab and super writing!  I am an expert now!
Charlie had loads of important information to share with us.
We really enjoyed learning all about the Victorian’s and seeing what they have made and learned and seeing all the pictures of their visit to the Scotland Street school.
Great having Abbigail being so excited about showing me around.
Seeing all the things Sean and his class have found out, made and written about.
Very interesting and informative.
I liked everything about today.  It was great to see all the hard work that Grace has put into her Victorian topic.
Great to see all the kids work and loved the clipboards, really gets the kids involved.  Fantastic job P6!
The variety of children were brilliant and very knowledgeable about the subject matter.  A lot of hard work and it’s much appreciated, thank you!
Lots of interesting facts.  Very good work by everyone!
Fabulous work and displays!
Very informative.  Loved seeing what Beniamin was working on.

P7 Discovery Day

Thank-you to everyone who attended the Primary 7 ‘Meet the Teacher’ event. Below is a snapshot of the feedback provided.

What did you like about today’s event?

I really regret only getting a mere 15 minutes as Mhairi doesn’t often show as much enthusiasm at homework time, but to my delight she was over the moon at me turning up and very detailed in all her subjects, especially the Holocaust which I myself have been also learning about.
The fact that Eve controlled the visit and got a chance to show her work off proudly.  Eve enjoyed explaining her projects and jotters.  They have all worked so hard and deserve to be proud.
The Holocaust books.
A great opportunity to see what the children are up to in class, always a pleasure and the kids love showcasing their work.
I enjoyed viewing all the classwork and wall displays.  The kids Holocaust topic and the work they did on this was fantastic.  The video of all the kids was fab and great to see them all doing their stuff.
Today’s event was very interesting.  There was a wide variety of topics to cover and it is clear that P7 have completed a tremendous amount of work already this year.  Holocaust topic was really well presented and the poems show the depth of knowledge the children have gained of the experience of the Jews in the ghetto and the camps.
Today’s event was very interesting, there was a lot of information.  It shows how much work has been done in a short space of time.
Today’s event was very interesting, lots of exciting and interesting things going on in P7.  Thank you Mr Graham.
Lots of interesting facts, kids worked really hard to put together their presentations.
Very informative, lots of topics covered, busy class this year!  I enjoyed the Holocaust topic, very grown up and informative.
Very interesting projects, loved Prezi.
It is always great to get a chance to see the children’s work in class.  Very enjoyable.
I loved watching the P7 video, the kids all looked like they were enjoying learning in different ways.  I also enjoyed looking at the Prezi and seeing all the work Lauren and her class have done about the Holocaust.
I really enjoyed the opportunity to see the work Jack has produced and the type of activities and experiences he has been involved in.  Loved the video of all the class having fun while they work.

Primary 1 Discovery Day Feedback

Discovery Day

Primary 1

1st of April 2015

Over 70% of the pupils in the class had parents, guardians or family members come along to the Discovery Day, below is a snap shot of the feedback left.

‘I have enjoyed the discovery day – big thanks for your effort.’

‘I enjoyed the discovery day as much as my son enjoyed showing me around.’

 ‘The boys and girls have worked really hard and did really well.’

‘Fantastic work, I am very pleased.’

‘Charlotte explained everything very clearly and was very informative about Barrhead.’

‘It is lovely to see all the different activities you have been doing relating to Barrhead.’

‘A great day. I always enjoy coming to see the children’s work. Lovely to get involved.’

‘I found it interesting and fun. It is really good to have an insight into a day of learning.’

‘Fantastic afternoon, lovely to see all of the hard work and get to taste the yummy tablet and shortbread. Great fun!’

‘A lovely time finding out what the children have been learning. The tablet was lovely too!’