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P4 Swimming Change of Dates

Due to circumstances outwith our control pupils in primary 4 will now attend swimming lessons from 9.30am until 10.30am departing from the school at 9.05am and returning around 11.00am on the following dates:

  • Friday 20th September
  • Friday 4th October
  • Friday 25th October
  • Friday 1st November
  • Friday 8th November
  • Friday 15th November

Please note that the original consent forms will now cover this event.

Measles Advice

Please note the advice below from Health Protection Scotland

Measles is highly infectious and can be a dangerous illness. It spreads easily in schools, universities and summer camps. Those who are not fully immunised with two doses of MMR are most at risk of developing measles.

As we approach the time of year when many children and students are travelling abroad on summer trips and family holidays, NHS Boards are urging parents to protect their children against measles. If your child has missed out on two doses of MMR vaccine, please consider getting your child fully immunised with MMR before you travel abroad during the summer break. Please contact your GP or practice nurse to arrange vaccination as soon as possible.



RESOLVE:ASL has been set up by Children in Scotland to assist Scottish education authorities to meet the mediation requirements in the new Education (Additional Support for Learning)(Scotland) Act 2004/2009.

East Renfrewshire Council’s Education Department works in partnership with RESOLVE: ASL for the provision of independent mediation services.

In the first instance of any disagreement all attempts should be made at school then local authority level to resolve the issue/s however if the situation is still ‘stuck’ then independent mediation should be considered.

The service involves:

  • A child centred approach to resolving disputes and disagreements over Additional Support for Learning (ASL)
  • An emphasis on building trust and understanding to promote effective parent/professionals partnerships.

A RESOLVE: ASL mediator is a trained independent and neutral third person who will:

  • Work with services and families to resolve disputes
  • Assist in communication and encourage mutual understanding
  • Assist the parties to arrive at the outcomes/agreements themselves
  • Establish a basis for effective parent/professional partnerships

A RESOLVE: ASL mediator does not make decisions or recommend solutions. This service is free for parents/carers and children and young people.

It should be stressed that third-party mediation is required in only a few circumstances where a resolution cannot be reached at school level. Should it be felt that significant time is passing without a resolution, mediation may be suggested to you by the school or the education authority. In the first instance you should contact the education department and ask to speak to the officer with responsibility for additional support for learning, 0141 577 3578, who will advise you of the process. You can of course make contact with RESOLVE: ASL directly, 0131 222 2456, for advice; however you may be redirected to the education authority to proceed.

Outdoor Learning

In St. John’s pupils participate in outdoor learning which can deliver key features of Curriculum for Excellence.  Schools across Scotland are demonstrating a real commitment to encouraging and supporting their children and young people to develop as successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals.  We are all considering the best ways to provide genuinely enjoyable and challenging learning experiences.

Many of these experiences will be found outside the classroom and we would therefore ask that you ensure your child comes to school with appropriate outdoor clothing for our inclement weather. Children can bring in a change of shoes for indoors and keep these in a bag on their coat peg to change into.  We have waterproof jackets available for children, but would ask that you encourage your child to wear their jackets, wellingtons, hats etc. when outdoors, or on an excursion.

Homework Tips

Homework Tips

There are a number of things you could try to help your child learn better.

  • Suggest they make up a quiz and get you to ask them the questions.
  • Make up some questions to ask them.
  • Suggest they talk to a friend and discuss the homework topic.
  • Suggest they draw a diagram or picture illustrating the main points of what they are learning.
  • Encourage them to explain what they have learned to someone else in the family.
  • Suggest they pretend they were teaching the rest of their class about the topic. 

Everyday activities can also be a source of learning. These obviously will vary according to the age of the child but could include the following:

Find out about their day 

What happened? Every time you ask what they have done at school and listen to what they say, you help them to communicate better.

Help them to be organised and responsible 

Have they got the right equipment and books before going to school? Check that their homework is done.

Share everyday activities 

Involve them in planning a family event, journey or holiday. Get them to show you how to use the internet. Read together. Use the football results or a trip to the shops to discuss numbers and words.



Our disabled bay has been moved to allow for easier access, this is openfor anyone to use as long as the pupil, parent, visitor or staff membercoming into the school qualifies.  Please do not use this bay as a drop off point. Please remember that the car park is a staff car park and spaces are limited, under no circumstances should pupils be walking through the car park they should use the pupil entrance on Commercial Road, or if using the disabled bay, the gated entrance at the kitchen.
We would like to remind everyone about parking outside the school. It is extremely important that anyone collecting/depositing pupilsfrom school should not park in the yellow zig zag area outside the school.  We have asked that our local Community Police help out by monitoring parking.  Please help by following the tips below:-

  • Due care and attention need to be exercised when choosing a suitable place to deposit / collect your children.
  • The staff car park / bus bays are out of bounds at the start and end of the school day.
  • Children should be reminded to make their way safely to parked cars.